Sunday, July 1, 2018

VIDEO Far-Right Marchers Clash With Anti-Fascists in Portland; Riot Declared

A riot was declared in downtown Portland, Oregon on Saturday evening after the right-wing Patriot Prayer group clashed with anti-fascist activists.





  1. It will be interesting to see how this played out as we learn more about it. Typically the police actively side with the Leftists or stand down if the Right wingers are being attacked. Wonder how it was this time?

  2. Divide n Conquer...

    Don't pay any attn to the globalist bankers who stole all your purchasing power and are the source for your declining living standard.

    1. Re: advise,

      Only people who live under a rock or on some secluded cabin in the Appalachian mountains (or Trumpista ignoramuses) would believe that living standards, of all things, are 'declining'. If you want to believe that, think "air conditioning".

  3. Replies
    1. Imagine yourself. Now imagine yourself marching.

    2. Someone who thinks white European males are "FA-BUL-OUS!".

    3. @Lab Manager, the meaning of Far Right has shifted over time. The Liberals of yesteryear, such as JFK, Mondale, Tip O'Neill, etc would today be considered right wing extremists, dare I say even White Supremacists, whatever the hell that is. To my understanding a White Supremacist is anyone deemed insufficiently ashamed of being White.

    4. Re: Robert What?

      --- The Liberals of yesteryear, such as JFK, Mondale, Tip O'Neill, etc would today be considered right wing extremists ---

      While you would be right that radical leftists tend to smear their opponents by labeling 'far right', that doesn't mean there aren't individuals on the far-right spectrum of the Statist line that are both as visible and dangerous as the individuals whose political affiliations lie on the far-left of the Statist line. Respectively, white supremacist Trumpistas and the so-called 'Antifa'.

    5. Ah but Torres, would rather live in a community of white Trumpistas, or ghetto Antifa trash? I know the answer but you would to cowardly to admit the truth. Ditto for Evan.

    6. @Francisco, trying to pull a fast one are we? Trying to compare the violence of Trump supporters and right wingers with violence from the Left like Antifa. Well there has been no violence from the Right. Only violence from the Left perpetrated against the Right usually with the Police looking the other way. When is the last time a Trump supporter or a White Supremacists (whatever the hell that is) attacked anyone, except maybe in blog comments? Thought you could get away with it, huh?