Friday, July 27, 2018

Trump is Recommending a BOOK to READ!

Donald Trump, who is probably dyslexic, clearly took the time and worked his way through the title of the new Alan Dershowitz book.



  1. There is quite a bit of scholarly research into dyslexia and entrepreneurial success

    1. Buying properties and then stiffing your partners by declaring bankruptcy is not the description of entrepreneurial success, unless you want to argue that con artists are successful entrepreneurs.

    2. I hate when people operate within the rules of the society. Stupid Trump, following the law.

    3. Entrepreneurs don’t need a rich daddy to buy from the city/state a 40 year tax abatement for their first investment, in order to succeed.

    4. Nobody starts from scratch. Nobody starts from zero. Maybe Trump had some more than others but he's learned how to work the system that's for sure. Which system I can't exactly tell you.

    5. Re: Rob,

      --- I hate when people operate within the rules of the society. ---

      A planet where Statists conflate legallity and morality?

      Just because Trump stiffed his partners 'lwgally', doesn't mean Trump is a model citizen.

  2. The Case Against Reading Trump's Recommended Books.

    a) Trump doesn't read books. I don't believe he ever read the books he 'wrote'.
    b) Everything is fake news these days, anyway.

  3. Hmmm. What is the anarchist position on impeachment? Nothing?