Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Thing Trump Fanboys Need to Understand About Trump's Attack on NATO..

What he really wants is a more militarized planet.

U.S. defense spending is at an all-time high under the Trump Administration...

and he is calling for NATO allies to put defense spending on steroids.

Trump is bad on almost everything and he is horrific when it comes to the military.



  1. The planet is already militarized to the nth degree, so other countries baring that expense rather than US taxpayers is something to applaud (at least if you are an American)

    1. Except Trump already jacked up US “defense” spending...

    2. Rather than? When can we expect the decreased military spending in america? I'll patiently await, while you consult a magic 8-ball.

    3. It will continue as it has always gone. More more more for the good of the vulnerable citizenry