Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Socialist Surge in the Era of Trump

Note: I see that some in comments at earlier posts point out that the Bernie Sanders advance occurred before Trump was elected president.

I have never said there wasn't an advance in socialist support before Trump's election. My point has been that the surge would advance more aggressively after Trump--and it has. It has in a more radical fashion than Sanders.

Democratic Socialists of America membership, though still small at around 45,000, has grown seven-fold since the election of Trump. The members have to be considered the more politically active---that is the very active second-hand dealers in socialist ideas.

Since most of the libertarian movement has been quiet in the age of Trump, not aggressively pointing out his many non-libertarian positions, millennials are much more apt to find socialist objections to Trump.

And as Harvard student Trevor J. Levin correctly observes, kids want an alternative to Trump:
The protectionist, militarist, fiscally catastrophic, and, yes, white-nationalist Republicans are no option.
With  AlexandriaOcasio-Cortez getting major mainstream coverage after her primary victory, kids are looking into socialism. Thus, no surprise the Democrats are gaining after the Ocasio-Cortez win.



Ocasio-Cortez in Charles Koch's backyard:


  1. RW why do you use photos of Cortez that make her seem beautiful, graceful and elegant? Why do some libertarians fetishize flipping socialists?

    Why not use this photo that better depicts her true character?

    1. Todays Internet priceless designation goes to Pimento. Well done sir well done. Perhaps someone should send a Tshirt to Robert stating "you cant reason with stupid" as a reminder

    2. Leave it to Trumpistas to argue on looks rather than ideas.

    3. Ever hear a picture's worth a thousand words? Ever wonder why RW uses photos of Trump's hair blowing wildly in the wind? Ever stop to think that before humans could think, speak or write that we could see and use our sight and other senses to live like instinctual animals? Do photos not convey ideas? Do your sight not make your brain disdain what is ugly and admire what is beautiful?