Monday, July 16, 2018

Strategy and Tactics Confusion

At the post, Is Rand Paul's Safety in Danger?, Paul Hansen writes:
Wenzel, weren't you the one who had a story headline just four days ago that read, "Two Cheers For the Harassment of Government Officials"? Is Rand Paul not a member of the US Senate? Your cognitive dissonance is astounding. 
And he points to this post: Two Cheers For the Harassment of Government Officials.

In response, first, in my initial post, I never called for violence against government officials, I cheered on harassment. There is a BIG difference. Rand has been physically attacked and his entire family has been threatened with being chopped up with an ax.

You just can't equate what Rand has gone through with the mild harassment that such creeps such as Mitch McConnell, Steve Miller, etc. have experienced.

Second, we are talking about Rand Paul here. He is far from perfect but I consider him more of an infiltrator in Washington D.C. than one who wants to exercise power against us. Is this really that difficult to understand?


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  1. You're cheering on leftists who don't even know which bathroom to use. Do you think they won't start escalating into full scale violence when simple harassment becomes normalized and encouraged?