Saturday, July 21, 2018

Socialism Rising

This is the current lead headline at the Drudge Report:

This is at AP:

I called this immediately after the November 2016 election.

wrote on November 10, 2016:
 There will be opposition to Trump but it will be coming from the left, not the Trump right.

The left is all about expanding the state. Thus, it will be very difficult to reach out to these people and present state shrinking anti-Trump ideas. They are a perfect target for the socialists...

 The socialists are going to experience a boom in followers under Trump.


  1. This is just mindless partisanship more than anything. Ocasio-Cortez and the like could end up turning Americans off with their stupidity and insanity.

  2. ooooh, you are so cool, so all seeing, a god

    ooooh, you are so cool!

  3. The socialists were also rising under Obama and Bush. I dont think this is a Trump thing. Bernie Sanders almost got nominated even with Hillary's dirty tricks. I think people would be more likely to vote for anyone who runs against Trump than if he were Bush or Rand Paul or someone though.

    I think it is more likely an education thing. I live in a red state and even here, I ot seems that grade school and high school is slanted to the liberal persuasion.

  4. It all starts with government-run education. Or maybe more accurately, critical-thinking is stopped dead in its tracks with government-run education. At any rate, we need "Separation of Education and State" ASAP in this country, or the socialist factories and assembly lines (the public schools) will have us hard-core socialist in another couple of generations.