Friday, July 27, 2018

Six Oakland Police Injured; Crowd Beats Up Alleged 'Proud Boy'

Crowd at a vigil for Nia Wilson (inset)

It was a crazy Monday evening in Oakland. I have waited to gather all the facts before reporting on it tonight.

A march was held Monday in memory of 18-year-old Nia Wilson, who was knifed to death Sunday evening by a crazed white transient, 27-year old John Lee Cowell who was arrested by police at roughly the time of the march.

Crazed is the best identifier, he had many arrests including for felony robbery and had restraining orders taken out against him from two different parties, in short, a serious nutjob, but white was what the crowd focused on.

Apparently, a rumor passed through the crowd that
the extreme right-wing group Proud Boys were meeting at a restaurant, Make Westing, just a few blocks away from where they were. It is still not clear that such a meeting was ongoing.

But the more aggressive parts of the crowd marched toward Make Westing. At about this time. I was supposed to meet a friend at a restaurant in the same general area, Camber Uptown, about a half block away from Make Westing.

But when I got to about a block away from the restaurant, I was close to the crowd and they looked seriously tense. I would have had to basically pass through the crowd and it didn't look like a sound thing to do. Indeed, I did not think it even made sense to take the time to use my cellphone to snap a picture of the crowd.

I circled back going a block out of the way and still a black kid on a bike came right at me and I had to step into a store entrance not to get hit.

I called the person I was to meet and suggested that we change plans and head in the other direction to Jack London Square which is right on the eastern edge of San Francisco Bay between Oakland and San Francisco. We had a beautiful dinner some 10 blocks from the madness.

Video has surfaced of the crowd beating up a white guy who the crowd believed was a Proud Boy.

The clip below shows him being beaten up in the passageway that I would have taken if I would have chosen to go from my location to Camber's.

Now, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that six Oakland police officers were injured when explosive devices were thrown at the officers during a march. Read that again. explosive devices were thrown from the crowd.

I had heard loud booms up ahead when I was there and thought it was just police shooting some kind of flashbangs at the crowd to disperse it, but according to SFC, authorities said at least two M80- or M1000-type devices were thrown at officers who sustained non-threatening injuries.

Things are getting tense my friends and the crowds are learning how to escalate.



  1. The left is terror mob of human garbage at this point.

    1. Most of the antiwhite lolbertarians here won't care since they consider the alt-lite Proud Boys to be nazis because the (((media))) says so, therefore the NAP doesn't apply because it's outweighed by the need to virtue signal.

    2. Re: Paul Hansen,

      Liar. There's no such thing as an anti-white libertarian. There are anti-white racists, sure, and then there are their Trumpista counterparts, who are anti-everyone else who is not white, whoever that is in their paranoid minds.

      What you don't understand is that Trump and his merry gang of white supremacists, through the rhetoric and their thuggish actions, encourage the leftist thugs who now feel justified. Both camps are filled with paranoid and immoral thugs. It is us, peaceful folk, who are caught in the middle of it all.

    3. @Francisco

      I don’t think it’s logically impossible for someone to be an anti-white libertarian. Some of the views of Malcolm X, for example, could be so described. He stressed the need for self-reliance by the black community rather than begging white people to treat them better, even going so far as suggesting the possibility of mass black emigration to Africa to escape oppression. He was much more of a libertarian than, say, Martin Luther King, despite being probably more racially factional.

      I will say that racism is rare among libertarians, since they tend to be highly rational and generally avoid stupid fetishes.

    4. @ Francisco
      When I say antiwhite I mean that worthless people such as yourself feel a resentment towards whites because we have a culture that encourages productivity, education, art, technology and all the other things that make life wonderful, while your culture produces MS-13 and filth. Obviously you benefit tremendously by invading and leeching off of whites.

    5. Of course white people produced the US federal government - the most lethal gang on the face of the earth.

      Which part of magical American culture was it when Bill Clinton murdered 500,000 Iraqi kids for no reason?

      Why is that the existence of MS-13 is an indictment of ALL of Latin American culture? Are the violent activities of the US military an indictment of ALL of American culture? A far greater portion of Americans join and cheer on the US military than the portion of Latinos who join and cheer on MS-13. So what gives?

    6. Donxon: Why is that the existence of MS-13 is an indictment of ALL of Latin American culture?

      Also Donxon: Of course white people produced the US federal government - the most lethal gang on the face of the earth.

    7. Damn, Paul. Nothing gets by you, does it?

    8. Do Latinos pledge allegiance to the flag of MS-13? Do Latinos sing the MS-13 anthem before the sportsball games? Did Latinos vote for MS-13?


      Would MS-13 even exist in the first place without America's War On Drugs?

      How many people who aren't part of MS-13 and have nothing to do with it are you going to point a gun while you shout "MS-13!" like damn lunatic?

      I'm a chemist. Of the department heads in my lab there are two Mexicans, an Afghan and a white guy. One of the Mexicans is the sharpest person in the lab from what I've seen. Every job I've ever I have worked alongside Latinos. These people are not stupid, and they sure as shit ain't lazy. I've also worked alongside plenty of loser whiteboys who bitch about Mexicans. They are usually stupid and/or lazy. I wonder which one you are.

  2. If things go as usual they will arrest the White guy for defending himself against the mob.

  3. Looks like lots of 'duh-versity' in that mob crowd. But hey, race, IQ, and culture don't matter in libertardian la-la land.

    1. So where does the crazy viile t white guy who killed this poor lady fit in your insightful and subtle theories on race. Was his culture broken or something?

    2. Yes Donxon, we know you are anti-white and would be happy to have your daughter run a train with all those upstanding folks in this riot. And yes, whites should prosecuted but if you read stats, minorities are more of a problem just about all of the time. But hey, keep drinking the ant white Kool Aid.

  4. AAs Vox Day says, the USA is no longer a nation-state. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious empire of diverse peoples battling for power over their rivals.

    1. Re: PH,

      --- Vox Day says, the USA is no longer a nation-state. ---

      When was it ever a 'nation-state', you ignorant fool? Do you even know what the term means or entails?

  5. Like Murray Rothbard said during the Watts Riots: Send in the Feds.

    Pat [Buchanan] concluded his great address – this man who has been widely accused of “hating immigrants” – by praising the “brave people of Koreatown.” It is instructive that of all the people at both conventions, Pat Buchanan was the only one to mention one of the defining events of our time, certainly of 1992 and beyond: the L.A. riots. Pat talked about how the youthful federal troops, finally arriving after two days of bloody rioting, “took back the streets of Los Angeles, block by block.” And so, Pat proclaimed, “we must take back our cities, and take back our culture, and take back our country.” Yes, yes, yes! Furthermore, I, along with other paleos, am convinced that the Old Culture, the culture pervading America from the 1920s through the 1950s, yes the culture of the much-derided Ozzie and Harriet and the Waltons, that that culture was in tune not only with the American spirit but with natural law.

    Amazing essay by the way. We've only become more degenerate and lost since he wrote it. Rothbard couldn't have known how evil the Bush's are. Replace "Trump" for "Bush" and you can bet your bottom dollar that Rothbard would be Trumpista #1 were he around today.