Friday, July 6, 2018

"Should I Join the Libertarian Party?"

Bad New Bill Weld, no libertarian should be associated with this guy and yet...
As a follow up to the post, Tom Woods Just Joined the Libertarian Party, K emails:
Great news!  Thanks for posting that.  Question though - does being the chairman mean he might actually run for office?  If so, should I register for the Libertarian party?  (I registered as a Republican for the 2012 election so I could vote for Ron Paul.  Does the Libertarian party work the same way?)
My response was:
 Too early to tell what he is going to do. Let's see how things develop.
Here is a more detailed follow up:

First, it is still unclear what Tom's intentions are by joining the Libertarian Party.

That said, Tom getting active would be a game changer. As I have said, he is probably the best communicator of libertarian ideas at present.

But I look at the LP as an educational tool rather than an instrument to actually gain power to shrink power. I don't see that happening any time soon. Further, there is a danger that too many, not Tom but others, are focused on the gain power aspect and will toss almost any principle to advance the power gain. That's how they end up with horrific candidates like Gary Johnson and  Bill Weld.

Tom does not fall into this category at all. He would be great in any major LP role.

Here is Tom on Bill Weld:
I keep reading respectable people telling me the Libertarian Party needs Bill Weld.

Latest example: George Will.

Why this is funny: I do not understand the cohort of left-libertarians (yes, that’s a thing) who are so pro-Weld. And now they’ve got Mr. Stuffed Shirt himself on their side...

Bare minimum for a libertarian candidate or party: anti-Fed, antiwar.

Weld has said that he supports both the employment and the inflation mandates of the Fed. He thinks we need a central planning agency to maximize employment.

I can get that from the Democrats or the Republicans.

Some people say, “Woods, we have to ease people into libertarianism!” Is that really what you think Weld is doing? He’s secretly anti-Fed but keeping his views to himself for strategic reasons? Ha, sure...

Weld supported the war in Iraq. He later said it was a “mistake.” Nice try, creep.

That said, I am reluctant to encourage anyone to join the LP until we see more about where Tom is going with it. Right now the LP is a waste with the "gain power"| crowd in charge.



  1. I can't wait to see the lolbertarians here start bashing "the best communicator of libertarian ideas at present" when he doesn't support open borders and infinity brown people flooding the country.

    1. Re: Paul Hansen,

      --- and infinity [sic] brown people flooding the country. ---

      You remind me of my senile mother-in-law who is also given to bouts of paranoid exaggerations, especially when she believes her nursing home roommate steals from her.

    2. You remind me of MS-13 and lawnmowers.

  2. No! LP needs to disband the open borders stupidity. Race, culture, and IQ matter. A Muslim goat humper or some stinky low IQ POS from Africa, to the south of us, or other places doesn't get it.

    1. Re: He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

      --- Race, culture, and IQ matter. ---

      In your specific case, it does.