Monday, July 23, 2018

Rand Paul Triggers Trump

This is just awesome.

Trump is listening to Rand.

And then this:


  1. Excellent move from Rand and, finally, a good move from the stable [ha ha!] genius.

  2. Haha!!
    I had just posed the question on 'Econ Policy' of what Rand got for caving on Pompeo.
    I guess we know now!! Cool!!!!

  3. Lookit the Johnny Come Lately's. Hey, better late than never. Welcome aboard the Trump Train. Once you get your bearings straight you'll realize that Trump isn't exactly listening to Rand, but rather that Rand is reading Trump's eyes and going back door for the alley-oop slam.

  4. Don't politicize the issue. No government employee after retirement should have security clearance, whether he/she is pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

  5. Wait, why don’t we want someone to divulge government secrets?