Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rand Paul Tries to Explain to the CBS Wing of the mainstream Media Tribe Why It Makes Sense to Act Civil Towards Russia



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  2. Rand Paul doing a heckuva good job on this - everyone of his appearances has been great

  3. It was good, until the end when he went off into partisan nonsense. Trumps own appointees say Russia interfered in the election.

  4. Rand Paul is finally truly fulfilling his last name. The best thing that happened to him was the rebuke he received from his father's followers during his run for president. Since then he has gotten better and better at delivering messages of freedom.

    He's becoming a much more well-spoken version of his father, and that's certainly a welcome outcome. What he is doing is not easy. It's difficult to stand up for peace when virtually the entire mainstream of United States political opinion is that you're a traitor -- it can even be dangerous. Rand Paul is truly heroic here.

    1. Agreed. Rand has been good on several issues of late, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s see if he keeps it up. I’m quite interested to see where he comes down on Trump’s pick for the SCOTUS.

  5. Perfect. I agree. So why is the Pvssy Grabber-in-chief acting with a disturbing lack of civility towards people from countries that Americans trade with, like Canadians, Mexicans, Europeans, etc., by insinuating that trade with them has been "unfair"? The insinuation implies Americans have a responsibility to engage in trades that don't hurt the 'wittle fweelings' of (mythical) American Workers(R), in a 'we're all in this together' sense, which is pure nonsense.

  6. It's amusing how the CBS crew wanted Trump to make the "moral" case to Putin about the Russian government's transgressions, and how America has "always stood for freedom." Such preening. In my fantasy I hoped that Rand would respond to that by saying that the US government shouldn't throw rocks from its glass house: see Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen, the Drug War, the NSA, just to name a few. It would also have been fun to ask the anchor what he meant by "freedom."