Monday, July 16, 2018

Rand Paul Blasts CNN's Wolf Blitzer Over Trump-Putin Conference

Rand Paul is awesome here as the media tribe flips out over the Trump-Putin conference.

Also see: CNN's Anderson Cooper Goes Tribal Over Trump-Putin Conference.



  1. I can answer Blister's question: I would believe Putin over our intelligence communities.

  2. Wolf doesn't look like much of a happy merchant these days...

  3. Journalism is truly in a sad state these days. That wasn't an interview, it was a cross-examination (and a very poor one at that).
    The last word by Blitzer is funny: He makes yet another, repetitive, argumentative summation of his own position (after making it clear that the interview is over), and then when Rand doesn't respond and merely commences to remove his mic, Wolf implies that he has (finally!) stumped a wordless Rand Paul. Pathetic. They probably cut Rand's mic so that he didn't hear the last, long-winded declaration by Wolf.