Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Napolitano on Leaked Audio Tapes: Indication of a Fraud

Note: I believe the Judge is incorrect on some of the facts. American Media Inc. paid Karen McDougal for the story in a "catch and kill [the story]" operation and Trump and Cohen were discussing buying the rights from AMI to gain full control of the story.

Nevertheless, it appears that there is probably enough on the tape for Mueller to claim that Trump knew about the "catch and kill" and with "composing" by Cohen it could be claimed that Trump was in on the scam, thus fraud.



  1. So, it's a fraud to buy the rights to a story and then not publish?

    1. Depends on the original agreement. Also, then candidate Trump and his group of peddlers of lies assured everyone that the story was fake.

    2. No, such a contract in itself isnt fraud... they paid for the rights and decided not to run it.

      I've read mcdougal's lawsuit against AMI (it's available online) and read the settlement , where they agreed to release McDougal. She claimed that there was fraud and collusion between her lawyer and MIC and that they misrepresented the agreement, hid aspects of it, never promoted her fitness products as promised, intimidated her, etc, which was all true.

      So as a result of her victory she gets to talk and keep her share (which was much less that 150k after the lawyers fees).

      The whole thing is very smarmy and dirty, and insane Giuliani goes on fox news and claims that the woman was never paid the 150k, even though it's acknowledged by all parties .

    3. @Francisco, Remind me - what does this have to do with supposed Trump Russian collusion in the 2016 election?

  2. Agreed, if the agreement includes a promise to publish within a certain time frame it would be a breach not to publish within that time frame. If the agreement doesn't include a promise to publish, then where is the fraud?