Friday, July 20, 2018

Modern Alternative Math


(ht Charles Burris)


  1. Humorous punchline. But in my personal experience the characters were in the exact opposite roles and the topic in dispute was never math (for the very reason that the punchline is humorous, it is also obvious). Topics were more often about teaching methodology and results. Particularly with regard to reading, writing and grammar. But since parents had surrendered their right to hold teachers accountable since parents had accepted taxes and truancy laws their only recourse was to teach the children themselves or hire tutors. I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere.

  2. Yeah, ok. But...
    What I don't like at all about this video is that the teacher is characterized as a "liberal", and all those bad guys are "conservative".
    Well I'm NOT a conservative, but that is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of the truth.
    Conservatives champion "3R's" fundamental education the old fashioned (literal) way.
    All that "How do you FEEL about 2+2 = 4?" stuff is coming from the LEFT!

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. It's the new-age feeling-run liberals that do this kind of thing. The same ones that call others nazi's while assaulting them for having different views.

    2. I don't think the video characterized her as a liberal at all. It portrays people from all sides, attacking her based on their own personal biases.
      Sure, the guy from the Fox News Channel calls her a liberal, because that's the point of view they come from. But each news network attacks her differently, based on their "brand."
      To me, the whole news part of the film is more about how MSM attacks people without researching the facts.

    3. You're right about different news outlets being portrayed. In fact, I think I saw Don Lemon on one. However it did seem skewed against conservatives because one called her a liberal and the other said she must hate America because she isn't sensitive to their feelings. I have never seen a conservative say someone must hate America because they hurt someone's feelings who is conservative.... wait, I forgot about the NFL kneeling thing.

  3. You're all notching the analogy. The teacher is the mainstream media. The parents are fake news, the administrators are the scary republicans the fake news consumers vote into power.

  4. Uhhh... huh... So Donxon, do you know what two plus two is?