Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Looks Like Trump is Against 3D Made Guns




  1. I was a little disappointed to hear Cody Wilson slurping Trump a bit in his recent interview on the Michael Malice show. Hopefully this will set him straight.

  2. I was watching the news this morning and already heard a meddlesome Xemo-rat legislator from TX talk about presenting a bill to regulate 3D printers and components because of this worrisome trend. I turned to my wife and asked 'How is this fool thinking he has any chance to enforce such regulation? Doesn't he know what a 3D printer is'?

    Apparently, the news reporter didn't seem too bothered with this problem either and didn't ask the Congress-critter "How do you expect to enforce such regulation?" but that must be because it is a self-evident truth that guns (and the 3D printers that makes them) must be eeeeevil in her mind too, notwithstanding the fact that 3-printed guns are quite ineffective for anything except as statements on the futility of banning things.

    But Trump is Trump; he likes government, he likes government intrusion and he likes government force.

  3. Lets hope he drops this after outrage. Very dumb move by Trump, and the NRA has always sucked.

  4. You cannot stop skilled people with the right tools from making firearms.

    Are they going to try to ban lathes, mills, and sheet metal tools? If not, then what's the point of banning rapid prototype machines?

    1. The gun grabbers don't think of the skilled machinists who can make their own guns in their garage because they know that the number of weapons they can create is very low and not enjoy an economy of scale. The gun grabbers have always concerned themselves with the regular folk who know jack squat about machining and want to buy a gun from a manufacturer. The 3D printing process, however, promises to provide the normal person a tool with which to bypass manufacturers and machinists, making anti-gun laws not worth the paper they're printed on. Of course the technology is very limited today but it is improving quite rapidly. Components to buildna 3D printer are mostly off-the-shelf, making any effort to regulate it an exercise in ridiculousness.

  5. Comments I found on the internet: "9th circuit judge issued TRO until Sept 15. Files will not be released tomorrow. 1,000 released so far. This horse has gone....... Unless SCOTUS will accept logic argument we've lost. Trump & DOJ are both backpedaling...The TRO is only against DDI. The best course is to get the copies out there times 10,000 every single day so any argument of imminent threat, hiwever bogis, is moot. Available on dark web Looked at numbers tonight, originally there were 600,000 downloads in the first 48 hours three years ago..."

  6. Trump may be the dumbest person in the oval office since..... well, probably ever

  7. Don't worry Good ole Olie will come to the rescue for the NRA - NOT

  8. You know there's trouble when the President begins a sentence "I am looking into..."

    WTF is he---the "Decider in Chief"--? the "Meddler in Chief"--?!
    God damn central-planners...

  9. What can't be posted on TL tgat is not pornography and not threat of real violence? Ask Bob, but I don't blame him. It the minders who've been set over us.