Friday, July 20, 2018

Libertarian Manhattan Madam Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate with Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam who was connected to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is being subpoenaed in the Robert Mueller investigation ... TMZ is reporting.

Davis worked for former Trump aide Roger Stone for a decade, and had numerous interactions with Stone and Andrew Miller -- who ran Davis' campaign for Governor and who was subpoenaed by Mueller a month ago.

According to TMZ, sources familiar with the matter say Davis' lawyer is negotiating the scope of the subpoena with Mueller's team.

Readers should recall that Davis filed papers in 2013 to run as the Libertarian Party candidate for city comptroller.

That campaign ended when she was busted and pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to illegally peddling hundreds of sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and other prescriptions pills between January and April of 2013.

She served 19-months in Federal prison for the drug pushing charge.


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  1. Hey, is Mueller working for the DOJ or the National Enquirer???