Monday, July 16, 2018

Is Rand Paul's Safety in Danger?

After a heroic appearance Sunday on CNN (See: Rand Paul Explains to Jake Tapper the Nature of US-Russia Relations), the left has come out in a vicious attack against Rand. Some are hinting that violence be done to him.
This comes on the heels of a physical attack on Rand by his neighbor and more recently a Berkeley, California man was arrested for threatening to chop up Rand and his family with an axe.

It is outrageous that during a period when we see people who apparently are triggered by the left and others by the right that some are suggesting attacks on Rand for his quite reasonable comments on U.S.-Russia relations.

The left's hatred of Trump is causing them to attack anyone who discusses any topic that could put Trump in the slightest positive light.

It could be argued that Trump has plunged the U.S. into this spectacle of barbarism with his regular crude C10S comments, but the left is willingly marching into this hellhole to do battle.

It is open debate that will be the victim. We must cheer on those like Rand, who in the face of real physical threats are not afraid to speak truth to the masses.

Thank you, Rand.



  1. We are all in danger if we don't stand and fight against the totalitarian left. They will resist a libertarian leader just as virulently as they resist Trump right now , you better believe it.

  2. Is this a surprise? This is coming from the same people who believe it is okay to cover your face and assault people because their "language is violent". Which really just means they don't like what someone said.

    What a bunch of cry babies. My 6 year old niece already learned that you can't hit someone you don't agree with, why haven't they?