Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Government Racist Promotion of Milk



  1. What a bunch of nonsense!

    Sorry, but one doctor doesn't overrule all of science. We are omnivores, and there are many reasons for that classification. So are chimpanzees. Ask a biologist, not an ICU doc. Coming from a family full of doctors, him being an ICU doc doesn't make him an expert on this.

    Also, plants dont get nitrogen from the air, they get it from the soil. This is why fertilizers are high in nitrogen.

    Also, milk is not meat. It is milk. We are supposed to drink human milk until we can eat foods. No omnivores or carnivores other than humans consume the milk of another animal, so this is a straw man argument.

    In addition, this racial bias thing is so insane, I question anyone who believes it's sanity. The milk industry and government try to get everyone, including black people to drink milk. Just because this group includes blacks, does not mean it targets them.

    Here's a health tip: Don't drink the koolaid.

    1. I agree with you. We are omnivores. But I agree with him that with the right vegetables we can get all the protein we need. I proved it to myself by eating vegetables only for about a year. I just happen to enjoy meat, grrrrr!

    2. I also agree with you except I am not sure why you want us to stop drinking koolaid. Wouldn't this be part of an omnivorous diet?

    3. That's true. I think its in both the refined sugar group and the dye group.

      Grape soda, now that's racist.

  2. Yeah, but elephants, giraffes and gorillas can't build skyscrapers or submarines, and can't travel to the moon, etc. Score one for the meat-eaters.