Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dershowitz: Lefty Woman on Martha's Vineyard Says She Wanted to Stab Me in the Heart



  1. His central point is wrong, as they often are these days. Shunning doesn’t stop debate; it’s the civil alternative to threatening or using violence. Shunning means one doesn’t consider you deserving of debate or engagement, and everyone does it. Force or threats of force are what stop debate. He’s getting what he deserves from his friends for ardently supporting (usually on Trump TV aka Fox News) - not civil liberties, which are basic rights all people have – but legal privileges that Presidents have or he believes they have, when the President is one they hate.

  2. I was most interested in his first few sentences about how he "hates Vladimir Putin." I don't understand how someone as allegedly intelligent as Dershowitz (and he's not the only one who does this) can actually say that they "hate" someone who has never done anything bad to them, who has no interest in doing anything bad to them, and who they don't even really know. Has he just swallowed the mainstream narrative that Putin must be our enemy? Did Dershowitz live through the McCarthy years and learn nothing?

  3. NAPstr, I thought about the same thing. And pretty much lost interest in the rest of the clip.
    I’m not for bestowing love and exaltation to any politician, but he didn’t say he “hated” Putin cause he despises the State in any way. So he’s bought some kind of US BS propaganda.