Monday, July 16, 2018

CNN's Anderson Cooper Goes Tribal Over Trump-Putin Conference

This is really a piece of work. Watch at least the first couple of minutes.


What we have here is media hate of Trump on steroids.

I am certainly no fan of most of Trump's policies but attempting to talk to a foreign leader as Trump did, rather than bash Putin over very nebulous charges of meddling in the  U.S. elections, strikes me as quite sound.

Now, it should be clear that Trump is a street hustler rather than a studious deep thinker. He certainly could have defended himself much better at the conference if he knew any (recent) history.

He could have explained, for example, how George H.W. Bush's secretary of state, James Baker, promised Russia as part of the German reunification agreement that NATO would not encroach any further toward Russia---and that NATO has broken that promise to a degree that should make Russia concerned. That would have given a few neocons heart attacks but, hey collateral damage happens. More important, though. it also would have signaled to thinking people to consider what is really going on between the U.S. and Russia. It would have been a Ron Paul-type teaching moment.

That didn't occur. Trump muddled through with a cloudy though correct perspective that Putin just wants the sanctions lifted so that Russia can become a serious and full commercial player in the world--and that he wants the neocon encroachments and color revolutions near his borders to stop.

I mean what do the neocons think Putin wants to do? Takeover Secaucus, New Jersey? Grab all the beachfront property in Malibu? Become part-owner of the Golden State Warriors?

The Russian "threat" notion is in itself a hazy charge. And the election interference charge is just more of the same. Trump appears to get this on an instinctual level. Better so than he does most domestic issues where his tribal perspective leads him in an illogical fashion far astray. But the clip above certainly shows that the media has an illogical tribe of its own.

To take the Anderson Cooper comment in the clip above and heave it back at him. Cooper and his tribal media gang's performance captured in the clip above was one of the most disgraceful performances to ever go out over live television.



  1. Tribal is right. These people seem to have completely lost it. He must hit them viscerally. Watch Rand Paul and Wolf Blitzer. Rand is on a good streak.

  2. What an amazing feat in the swamp. Someone stopping to listen and think for a change. Even if The Cheeto in Chief cant express why this was a good idea ... Rand Paul can.