Wednesday, July 4, 2018

BREAKING Police in the UK Have Confirmed 2 People Found Unconscious Were Exposed to the Nerve Agent

Police in the UK have confirmed that two people found unconscious in Wiltshire, UK, were exposed to the nerve agent Novichock.

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From the UK's Sun:
A COUPLE have been left fighting for their lives by traces of deadly Novichok from the Salisbury spy poisoning.

Mum-of-three Dawn Sturgess, 44, was in a coma after she collapsed, unable to breathe.

Her boyfriend, Charlie Rowley, 45, was said to have been turned into a dribbling, hallucinating zombie.

They are thought to have stumbled across a discarded container or syringe used to carry the nerve agent which poisoned Soviet spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

Officials thought they had cleaned up all the Novichok left after the Skripals were poisoned in March.

But alcoholic Dawn lives in a refuge just 300 yards from the Zizzi restaurant where the Skripals ate on the day they were poisoned.

Police sealed off a bin near the building and a city park, Queen Elizabeth Gardens, which the couple had visited on Friday.

Dawn was staying with boyfriend Charlie, a heroin addict, at his home in Amesbury, eight miles away, on Saturday when the pair became ill.

Via The Sun:

 They had attended an Amesbury Baptist Church barbecue before Dawn fell unconscious and was taken to hospital at about 11am.

About five hours later, Charlie was also taken to hospital after slumping into a “zombie-like state”.

Doctors alerted police after realising their symptoms were similar to those suffered by the Skripals...

Sam Hobson, 29, was helping best friend Charlie pack clothes for Dawn after she went to hospital.

He said: “He felt ill and went for a shower. Then his eyes went bloodshot and like two pin pricks. He began garbling incoherently and I could tell he was hallucinating.

“He was making weird noises and acting like a zombie.

“He was dribbling and was rocking backwards and forwards.”

Wiltshire Police said that, at first, they thought the pair had taken contaminated drugs. But early yesterday, they declared a major incident.


  1. Nothing to do with the nearby nerve agent depot. LOOK!!! A Squirrel!!!

  2. Is this a "false flag" meant to disrupt the Trump-Putin meeting?

  3. So something unknown was just left laying around for four months with nobody finding it until these two happened across it? It's like government's ability to make up plausible stories has not only not improved over time but decayed.

  4. Looks like a fund-raiser...

    From the Independent, 7-Apr-2018, "Staff at secretive defence centre Porton Down suffer low morale and lack confidence in leadership, survey reveals

    Labour claims that 'even this world-leading laboratory is being undermined by the government’s refusal to invest in our services'"