Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Will Deep-Thinking Libertarian Trump Fan Boys Now Cheer "Auntie Maxine"?

In private, some deep-thinking libertarian Trump supporters will tell you that, ahem, "Trump is not perfect," but that he is shaking things up in government and that is a reason to cheer him on.

But the left now has its shaker, Rep. Maxine Waters, affectionally now being called "Auntie Maxine" by the left #resistance.

Following  news that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was tossed from a restaurant in Virginia, Auntie Maxine cheered, “God is on our side!”

And then she let it really rip:
And so, let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever … you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.
How wonderful to the #PPS ear, harassment of government officials!

Of course, Auntie Maxine is "not perfect" and she is calling for the harassment of government officials on private property.

But aren't Trump and Waters just both mirror image central planning nutjobs? For Trump fanboys, who hail Trump because he is shaking things up, shouldn't they now be also cheering Auntie Maxine and her call for direct confrontation with government officials?

I have popcorn out and a smile on my face when I listen to either one of them, but when I write I will consistently point out that they are both generally horrific advocates of statist policies and there is an alternative, the Private Property Society.



  1. If the leftards want a civil war, I say let's go with it. I'm glad Trump is deporting the illegal invasion. The open border libertardians who post here who think they should just be allowed to swarm in are also an enemy of all decent people.

    1. We get it, you mock pro-freedom of travel advocates, because of their supposed faith in "magic dirt"---their supposed willful blindness to the fact that foreigners won't magically drop their socialistic, collectivist, culturally-damaging ways that are antithetical and anathema to American culture of freedom, capitalism, rule of law, individualism, etc. etc.
      But what about your own belief in "magic dirt"---? That the magic dirt on this side of the border somehow miraculously transforms all Americans into homogeneous, liberty-loving, capitalistic, hard-working, nuclear-family supporting, limited-government loving, patriotic Americans? It doesn't. People on this side of the imaginary line are as disparate---and sometimes lacking in the cultural and political-economic values you love---as divergent populations anywhere else: The red-necks of the South, the hillbillies of West Virginia, the snobby elites of the East Coast, the Leftist-socialists of California, the lower-middle class blue-collar workers of the Rust Belt, the Ivory-Tower intellectuals of the Ivy League, the Mid-west farmers...people aren't magically transformed into a homogeneous, American mass simply by virtue of being within the same borders.
      America is already rotting from within, and has been for a long time, without any forces from without exerting influences: We went socialism long ago with government education in the 19th century, and then the Fed, and income taxes, the New Deal, the never-ending wars and the Garrison State, the Great Society/War on Poverty, etc. etc.
      So then, given the country-wide contamination, I assume you'd likewise seek to prevent intra-country travel, and inter-state travel, in order to prevent the spread of "bad values" and "bad culture" between states? Why not, if I'm sure even you would admit, some areas of the country have rotting, cultural values compared to others (the Left Coast, San Francisco, Liberal New York City, diasporas of foreign cultural populations in California and Texas [hispanics], Florida [Cubans], Dearborn Michigan [arabs], etc.)...then why not have "border protection" between the states? Keep those pure and safe from contaminating views, cultures, wrong-thinking political-economics, etc---?
      So what exactly do you think you're protecting us from, when the enemy, the virus, the rot has already been inside the gates for a very long time?

    2. Re: Unknown,

      Lab Manager, aka He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males (it's true, I'm not kidding) wants what people like Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan want: to protect this country from brown people and the corrupting influence from their delicious tamales and chiles rellenos.

    3. Torres, or he who likes duh-versity in an image you don't want in your head---

      As usual, you are incapable of addressing any of the issues I've brought up. Those who like you who turd world are worth having around don't need to be in America. Your stupidity is amazing.

    4. Yes, Unknown, but how will more turd world/dirt world trash really help the issues you address? Yes, I would be happy to wall of CA, NY, MA or at the very least exterminate those with a leftist mindset or an open border libertardian. None of you have lives I really give a damn about.

    5. Lab Manager...Economic prosperity is the best medicine to ward off socialism, ethnic strife, cultural disunity, and the like. Immigrants used to come here in the early 20th century and fervently TRY to be American, by learning the language, encouraging their kids to speak only English, assimilate, etc.---and why? Because being American had a cultural attachment to it, a cultural identity---that of liberty, rising from humble beginnings to middle-class wealth or even higher, of equality before the law (Rule of Law). But as we abandon long-standing American cultural values and principles of LIBERTY, economic freedom, Rule of Law, Capitalism, etc., it becomes harder to jump from lower socio-economic classes to higher ones, and certainly is harder today to become upper-middle class or wealthy, than it used to be. Ergo, America is losing its culture, and the principles that bind us together as community. Its no wonder ethnic and cultural diasporas from other countries now stick together and tend to not assimilate.
      We're still better here than most if not all other countries, and the American passion to get rich and rise in socio-economic status still flickers---and for that reason, we still have less violent ethnic strife than other countries: People are still too busy starting businesses, trying to succeed, etc. I live in Dearborn Michigan, which has the most concentrated population of Muslim immigrants in the U.S. It is nowhere near like the angry, resentful diasporas you see in Europe, and certainly not what people like you would expect: Yes, they have their own culture and they have an affinity for each other and a bond with each other...but they do far better economically here than in any other country, and I think they acknowledge and recognize that---and therefore, don't have the same hatred and resentment toward the West as you probably see in Europe.
      My point is, promoting liberty will lead to economic enrichment for all within the country, and economic enrichment will lift all boats and will reduce or eliminate many of the ethnic and cultural problems you seem to identify with immigration. And since the free movement of labor capital is an essential aspect of economic growth and enrichment, then by allowing more immigration we are achieving our ends in obtaining less ethnic strife, disunity and social breakdown.
      Or something like that. ha ha.

  2. As I said before, I used to consider myself a Libertarian before it became a suicide cult. We are at the beginnings of a cold civil war in this country.

    1. There is just no fight in any of these people. They will sit on the sidelines smelling their own farts reciting their tired dogma until the bitter end.

    2. Re: Robert What?

      --- As I said before, I used to consider myself a Libertarian before it became a suicide cult ---

      From which it can be concluded: you were never a libertarian, especially if you think the Non Aggression Principle, the Volubtaryst Principle and Individual Rights are akin to a "suicide mentality".

    3. @Francisco, see what I mean that Libertarianism has become a suicide cult? You are the perfect example. Non aggression is a great concept as long as all parties agree to it. What happens if a significant block of people think that is a sign of your weakness? Good luck with that.

  3. Lab Manager is probably just a sterile, childless lonely man who knows he will die unremembered and unnoticed so he he projecting his own mortality onto The White Man and fixating his rage on the clearly very fertile brown people. It's sad. And funny, since he's such a dick!

    Relax Lab Manager. It's not the end of the world. It's just the end of you.

    1. Its ok Donxon, you need to be raped by some illegals and then killed. You are too stupid to live like Torres and others.

  4. How can you give a shit about this sovereign while the govt and the those that buy into the Murica propaganda still keep sabotaging any effort to create or have something that isnt sinking into a swamp?

    What most dont realize is when the cold civil war gets hot ... many will remember what they wanted Murica to "be" and those that dont or wont fight for what matters will carry no weight in the end and the put up or shut up will be very interesting to see.