Tuesday, June 19, 2018

VIDEO Austin Police Arrest Jogger

The police chief justification: "Well at least we didn't rape her."



  1. Papers please. This is something we should all be upset by. This is straight out of Nazi Germany. Failure to identify? Really? Fuck them.

  2. Seriously messed up. Sad part for me, I used to think Austin would be a fun city to live in Vacationed there once and had a great time. So sad what our country has come to.

  3. I saw this story about 5 yrs ago or so; Not a recent event at all. Still astonishing that something like this occurs in a Western nation.

  4. Where does he say "well at least we didn't rape her" ? All I heard him say was that the guy was nicer than he would have been. If that's what you think he meant, you are projecting.

    1. I just watched it again, and the idiotic commenters said that "I wouldn't have been as generous" means "at least we didn't rape her." Where do you find this ridiculous crap?