Friday, June 22, 2018

Tulsi Gabbard Calls to Keep Families Together

In a statement, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said, “The Trump Administration’s use of children as pawns in the immigration debate is despicable and must end now. While the President signed an Executive Order today intended to end the policy of separating children from their parents, this will not solve the serious challenges we face and could create new ones. The fact is we need comprehensive immigration reform now. I joined my colleagues today in introducing the Keep Families Together Act to prevent migrant children from being taken from their parents, and to begin to fix our highly broken immigration system. We must put politics aside, and come together to address this important issue.” -RW  


  1. "The Trump Administration’s use of children as pawns in the immigration debate is despicable and must end now."

    While I'm against state-management of borders, it's clear that many in Congress and the media are also using the children as pawns in the POLITICAL debate, which is equally despicable.

    As others have noted, no one seemed concerned about the children of illegal immigrants who suffered under prior administrations, nor the children who have been separated from their parents when their parents have been incarcerated for non-violent crimes (narcotics, insider trading, racketeering, etc.), nor the children separated from their parents (and their own bodies) when the US government has bombed families in the Middle East, nor the children yanked from their homes by Child Protective Services, nor the children separated from their parents by the DEA helping foreign governments attack local narcotics producers, etc.

  2. It’s actually too bad that some people think some of us are only anti-Trump. We are anti-President. Anti- administration. Anti-congress. Anti-State.
    And for some reason we are to cheer the State when it does less bad? Trump talks to Un! Give him a peace prize! Why is the US even in Korea? Trump signs EO stopping the taking of immigrant kids! So, why is there an organization with the power to do so in the first place?
    Trump is a murderer. He killed a 9 year old girl in a country on the other side of the world for no reason a week after he was in office.
    If this was a normal American who killed a 9 year old girl, we would want him dead. We sure wouldn’t just go on about what great things he might do in the future.
    Am I anti-Trump? Yes. He is a murderer.
    “But Obummer and Bush took immigrant kids too!” And I hated them too. More murderers.
    States are about murder, stealing, and kidnapping. That’s a requirement to be a State.
    Do You Hate the State? It’s pretty easy to figure out.

    1. Joshua - so on point. If we allied together to minimize the state instead of picking different sides that enlarge the state, then we would be in a much better place. The left and right both fear mongers on different issues to scare the populace. Unfortunately, Trump fans naively think that because the deep state dislikes him, that they must support Trump at all costs. Rather, Trump is delivering on at least 90% of what the deep state wants.