Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trump Insults Broadway: “We don’t have that kind of talent on Broadway”

The left is going to go crazy.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
During Mr. Trump’s trip to Asia last year, he was elated by the welcome Mr. Xi prepared. Mr. Trump was honored he was the first foreign leader in centuries—according to China’s telling—to view an opera in the Forbidden City. He talked repeatedly about the performance at dinner in Beijing. “We don’t have that kind of talent on Broadway,” he told aides, according to a person familiar with the episode. “I don’t know how we could ever compete with that.”

And WSJ informs us of the concern over Trump's comment by "let's get along"-haters:
The talk was private but left some aides cringing, said people familiar with the episode. Those comments might be construed to suggest the White House was easing away from a view of China as strategic competitor and would do little for national pride back home...“There were a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle conversations,” said the person, “trying to remind the president about some of the larger dynamics.”


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  1. Trump does say some awfully dumb things. But seeing how they trigger the leftists and SJWs driving them into a frenzy makes me more forgiving.