Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump Gets Another Time Cover.



  1. He should have it framed and placed up on his wall!

    Get it? On his wa...? Uh, yeah.

  2. Hey look, it’s Donnie T, fascist of the year!

  3. And of course he can't be charged and put on trial for kidnapping 2,500 children.

  4. Time is complete NWO garbage. Don't prop them up.

    When the "child" scandal occurred, my reaction was similar to most - this is inhumane. However, I at least reserved some nuance for the fact that in some (many?) cases, (1) the minor is barely a minor, like 17, and (2)the minor may not be the immigrant's child or caregiver at all, but some kind of human trafficker.

    But still the policy was overbroad and resulted in some cruelty.

    But where is the American perspective? Every single parent or guardian that gets arrested for a minor crime like MIP, DUI or some lesser drug offense has their kids taken away while they are arraigned, jailed, etc. It happens every single day to more Americans than to these immigrant children.

    Both are "breaking the law". Now I am no 'Romans 13 Protestant'. Some laws and rulers are not legitimate and so they are not worthy of respect. But illegal immigration is frankly a trespass. That a healthy Christian society would manage its borders and welcome some well-meaning immigrants is a very different case from simply having completely open borders and allowing the overuse of all government 'public' property.

    This then comes down to treating one philosophical position, the Blockian one that all government property is abandoned, as somehow totally morally obvious so that you can preen and posture with your constant Trump-bashing immigration posts. When in reality, it has a serious challenge from the Hoppean point of view.

    The administration of the criminal court system (emphasis on criminal) works much the same way as this separation policy. There is petty and serious tyranny by prosecutors, judges, prison admins and the entire system everyday on US Citizens. It is ignored in favor of immigrants that in many cases, do take stupid risks because their family/friends got away with the same crap in times past. Being an immigrant myself, I'm sympathetic - all good people are sympathetic to the traveler in search of a better life. But in a PPS no one can force their way in.

    Unfortunately, when the government manages borders, things generally go to hell one way or another. It's a monopoly after all and we know what Rothbard taught. But better a slow decline than the catastrophe of an invasion.