Friday, June 15, 2018

Trinity Western University Has Lost Its Legal Battle for a New Evangelical Christian Law School Over LGBT Issues

Trinity Western University,  a private Christian liberal arts university in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, has lost a legal battle to open a law school because of its 'community covenant' that required students to abstain from sex unless they were in a heterosexual marriage.

Walter Block emails:
This is horrid.
In a pair of 7-2 rulings, the Supreme Court of Canada found the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario have the power to refuse accreditation based on TWU's so-called community covenant.

According to CBC news, the majority judgment said the covenant would deter LGBT students from attending the proposed law school, and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm.

It found the public interest of the law profession includes promoting equality by ensuring equal access, supporting diversity within the bar and preventing harm to LGBT students.

Of course, the libertarian position is that private owners can choose, for any reason, who they wish to deal with and who they don't wish to deal with.

The Supreme Court ruling here is imposing the will of the state on the private sector.


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  1. Why the focus only on LGBT students? Aren't unmarried, heterosexual students also disadvantaged?