Friday, June 15, 2018

The Trump Administration Has Decided to Authorize Funding for the 'White Helmets' in Syria

A statement from the White House on the group that appears to be associated with false flag chemical attacks in Syria:

From Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute, Daniel McAdams:


  1. Heather: (aside) Daniel, you don't actually expect me to answer pertinent questions with anything resembling honesty, now do you? I'm just a puppet....and I like it that way.

  2. Clearly the funding of the jihadist group call the white helmets is an admission that the U.S. is in bed with terrorist groups in Syria and with little will continue funding chemical attacks on the civilian population in order create a larger war. My hope is that they reconsider that failing I hope Syria and their allies put a full effort in to drive the American/Israeli interest into FN sea.

  3. Funding AlQaeda! How treasonous!

  4. I remember when the United States had moral credibility. Long time ago now.

  5. We all should be able to agree that this move by Trump is incredibly stupid.

    1. Well he is far from being the brightest bulb in the hotel lobby