Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Bastard Trump (And Those Who Follow His Orders)

Following Trump Administration policy, a family was separated at the border by ICE agents, and one distraught father took his own life

The Honduran father separated from his wife and child suffered a breakdown at a Texas jail and killed himself in a padded cell last month, reports the Washington Post.

From WaPo:
The death of Marco Antonio Muñoz, 39, has not been publicly disclosed by the Department of Homeland Security, and did not appear in any local news accounts. But according to a copy of a sheriff’s department report obtained by The Washington Post, Muñoz was found on the floor of his cell May 13 in a pool of blood with an item of clothing twisted around his neck.

Starr County sheriff’s deputies recorded the incident as a “suicide in custody.”

Muñoz’s death occurred not long after the Trump administration began implementing its “zero tolerance” crackdown on illegal migration, measures that include separating parents from their children and the threat of criminal prosecution for anyone who enters the United States unlawfully...

According to Border Patrol agents with detailed knowledge of what occurred, Muñoz crossed the Rio Grande with his wife and three-year-old son on May 12 near the tiny town of Granjeno, Texas. The area is a popular crossing point for Central American families and teenagers who turn themselves in to apply for asylum in the United States.

Soon after Muñoz and his family were taken into custody, they arrived at a processing station in nearby McAllen and said they wanted to apply for asylum. Border Patrol agents told the family they would be separated. That’s when Muñoz “lost it,” according to one agent, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the incident.

“The guy lost his s---,” the agent said. “They had to use physical force to take the child out of his hands.”

Muñoz was placed in a chain-link detention cell, but he began punching the metal and shaking it violently.

Though Muñoz did not attempt to assault Border Patrol staff, he was at that point considered to be “pre-assault” because he was so agitated..

Guards said they checked on Muñoz every 30 minutes, and observed him praying in a corner of his cell the following morning.
Oh yeah, Trump the family man.

Whoever thought of this separation of children from families program as an illegal border crossing deterrent is sick.

Do these ICE agents sleep at night?



  1. Sure they sleep well at night, and the usual suspects here will be cheering their support.

  2. With the suicide of bourdain, he loonie libs now are saying that the term "committed suicide" should be abolished since the term "commit" is akin to a crime, thus shaming the "mentally ill victim."

    The fact is that taking one's own life (self murder) is a grave sin against God. It's self murder, plus the sins of pride, despair.

    The modernists & godless will no doubt wring their hands at this notion, "how dare you claim that murdering yourself is a sin!"

    The border patrol are not at fault for some guy giving in to the ultimate despair. Try sneaking in to Honduras without permission, they will arrest you and kick you out, too.

    Are Hondurans "evil suicide-causing monsters," too?

    I actually know a guy who was sort of a "dreamer"- brought to the USA illegally as a small child with his parents, no fault of his own- raised here, then deported after numerous drunk driving & domestic abuse convictions. He went to TJ and his white American wife and kids went to live with him. He has a job, and the family is together. He didn't go crazy and blow his brains out or hang himself like a lunatic. Shit happens. These modernists constantly justifying & sentimentalizing despair simply because life circumstances turn temporarily bad are the weak, evil, godless and amoral people.

    "In accordance to Hondorous immigration law, all foreign travelers entering the country will need to obtain the proper visas...There are exceptions as to who will need a visa, for there are various countries that Hondorous immigration law will not require visas from. Among some of these countries are the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Canada. Other countries that are not listed under the exceptions provided by Hondorous immigration law will require a proper visa. Typically speaking, Hondourous immigration law allows for visas to be given for a total of six months. Those that will stay in the country beyond the six month term may face Honduras deportation action, for such visitors will then be considered to be illegally residing in the country. It is important to consult with nearest Honduran embassy to gather the proper information regarding Hondorous immigration law and Honduras deportation situations. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact immigration lawyers."

    1. Everything in this post is wrong. Suicide is unfortunate, but not in any way a crime. Self-ownership means that the individual can use his body how ever he wants, as long as he doesn’t physically harm someone else.

      The ICE agents are state thugs who committed aggression against an innocent man. It’s totally reasonable to assume that their actions drove this guy to kill himself.

      Finally, that the Honduran state violates people’s rights to move is no excuse whatsoever for the US state to commit the same crime.

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    5. If suicide is a sin, Jesus died for that sin too.

    6. I didn't say that suicide is a crime, I said that the libs are decrying the use of the word "commit" with the word suicide because it infers that the person did something wrong.

      In reality suicide is indeed wrong. Yes it's unfortunate, but should be taught against. Despair is a sin. In certain libertarian mindsets it may not be wrong to kill oneself, but that's by no means a consensus, as I know that there are plenty of traditional Catholic libertarians. Our bodies are the temple of God and we do not own them, and we have no right to destroy them. That is standard Catholic teaching.

      Being arrested for trespass is no reason to off oneself, that is a terrible justification. To blame Trump because one very unstable guy hung himself is truly wild. Is this the onion?

    7. Sherlock wrote, "I wish suicide (among other sins) was stigmatized like it used to be. Maybe it wouldn't happen so much."

      I agree 100%.

      As an interesting aside on suicide from a religious perspective I have an interesting story from Saint John Vianney.

      He saw a woman in the train station who was very distraught because her husband had killed himself.

      Fr. Vianney approached her & consoled her, "Madame, your husband is okay."

      "NO!!" she replied, "he killed himself and is in hell for all eternity!"

      St. Vianney then informed her that between the time her husband jumped off the bridge to the time he hit the water, the man regretted his sin and had PERFECT SORROW. (Sorrow which is not fear of hell but rather out of love for God.)

      The reason he was granted this grace is because he once brought flowers to the Virgin Mary.

      So the point? While suicide shoukd indeed be rightly condemned for the grave sin that it is, we as Christians should show charity & mercy, and remember that it's never our place to dare act as if we know someone's eternal fate. That's the business of God, I stay out of it. & only pray for their soul.

      I hope after typing all that that someone likes that story as much as I do.

      [We visited the home of St. John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, France, last year. Lots to see in that beautiful place.]

    8. "Suicide began as a sin, became a crime, then became a mental illness, and now some people propose transferring it into the category called "treatment," provided the cure is under the control of doctors. "

      "For a long time, suicide was the business of the Church and the priest. Now it is the business of the State and the doctor. Eventually we will make it our own business, regardless of what the Bible or the Constitution or Medicine supposedly tells us about it."

      Thomas S. Szasz, from "Suicide As A Moral Issue"

      I would only add the obvious to Szasz's last quote: that those who commit suicide have already made it their business despite the religious and secular stigmas. If God gave us the power to live and be responsible for our lives, He gave us the power to kill ourselves and to be responsible for it, notwithstanding the right or wrong of a particular suicide.

  3. A Niskanen Center-tier take from Wenzel. Truly shameful.

  4. He knowing broke the law, and he got caught. How is that the fault of white men??? Nobody gives a shit when I get thrown in jail for falling behind on a fine payment.

    1. He should be commended for disobeying politicians’ scribbles.

    2. 1) Who wrote the law?
      2)I gives a shit.

  5. He must be looking for a Koch Bros check.

  6. Do you people not know Wenzel and many others here are Anarchist? We hate the State. We hate it’s very existence. Trump as a private person is not the same as Trump the President. He doesn’t deserve a “fair” shot. He doesn’t deserve “fair” reporting. He’s a murderer. For some of us, there really is no sympathy for the Devil.

  7. By all means let everyone in who wants to come in. We taxpayers will even pay to support them. Oh wait... We already do.

    1. Why punish immigrants for Americans voting for a retarded government? They had nothing to do with it.

    2. @Evan, so basically you want my attitude to be "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

    3. @Robert,

      I want your attitude to be one that rejects the further empowerment of the state.

    4. Evan and Torres and others here are not too bright. I'm doubtful they would live in a turd world neighborhood and probably like them around to provide cheap labor and allow themselves to virtue signal just like the leftards.

    5. Re: he-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

      --- Evan and Torres and others here are not too bright. ---

      Your spiteful derisions aside, it is a fact Evan, I and many others are bright enough not to publicly showcase homo-erotic fantasies about white European males by posting on how faaaabulous! they are.

      Your idiotic argument carries the same weight as arguing people who buy from Harbor Freight Tools should move to China. At the same time you have the chutzpah to say others are "not too bright". You sound like one of those obtuse villains from an Ayn Rand novel.

  8. This is tragic of course, but I'm happy to see Trump crack down on the illegal vermin invading the country. We simply don't need more turd world immigrants. He knew the risk he was taking when he came here and lived accordingly. I'm sick of this garbage that those who want controls are criminals when all of these allegedly 'natural libertarians' should be in their own country improving it instead of bringing their crappy problems here. What is the point of moving elsewhere if you bring more of your kind to continue the stupidity and problems you left?

    Again, tragic, but we need to get the word out and provide zero incentives for them to come here. Race, IQ, and culture matter.

    1. ”This is tragic”

      Holy shit! Is The Lab Manager turning over a new leaf?