Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stephen Miller’s America: Trump’s Aide Behind Splitting Families

MSNBC is often flaky in its reporting as they attempt to march toward lefty control of central power, but the facts in this report are sound.




  1. Stephen Miller is the kind of person that reminds you of all those creepy bureaucrats in the Jason Bourne movie series. Or all those Bond villains. His hatred of immigrants explains the policy recommendations he whispers to Trump's willing ear. Trump made it clear he sees little difference between MS13 gang members and all those families seeking asylum or juat a better life in the US, untapped and willing labor that is nevertheless precluded from trading with willing buyers within the US. What started with the envy-laden "them Immigruntz takum er jebz!" has turned into downright hatred and dehumanization.

    "They're criminals", the Trump cheerleaders say. This is enough to obviate their rights as God special creations. All men are born equal and endowed by their Creator with rights, except when God is Trump.