Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sarah Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is expected to receive Secret Service protection as soon reports CNN.
as Wednesday,

The news comes just days after Sanders was asked to leave a  Virginia restaurant because of her role with the Trump administration.

I wonder if Sanders knows that it is Secret Service policy not to interfere with protestors who are protesting their protectee.

They will protect her from physical attack but that is all.



  1. " it is Secret Service policy not to interfere with protestors who are protesting their protectee..."

    The SS interfered with me twice in 2 states when I encountered trump. One of them violently grabbed my camera & turned it off before he let out a profanity-laced tirade. Little did the dummy know i had a second camera rolling, because I know how this stuff works. Lol!

  2. No matter how you protest the state, it just grows! They'll need more money for more SS protection now.