Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Protesters Chase Homeland Security Secretary from Mexican Restaurant

The New York Post reports:
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to leave a trendy Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC, Tuesday night when protesters descended on the eatery shouting “Shame!”

Demonstrators occupied DXDC Cocina Mexicana at around 8 p.m. as Nielsen was attempting to have a meal with an unidentified man, according to a video posted on Facebook.

Staff members try to contain the situation as members of the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists flood the restaurant, the video shows.

“In a Mexican restaurant of all places,” one protester yells. “The fu–ing gall.”

At another point, a second member of the group plays recent audio of children crying at a detention center in Texas.

“How does it make you feel?” a protester yells.

In another video taken from outside the restaurant at around 8:20 p.m., Nielsen can be seen leaving the eatery and entering an SUV.
As I have said before, Trump has sucked the life out of libertarianism and the big gainers are the socialists and will continue to be. They are the activists that are attracting the attention of the youth. Meanwhile, libertarians, for the most part, cheer the beast Trump or stay silent.



  1. --- Meanwhile, libertarians, for the most part, cheer the beast Trump or stay silent. ---

    Those who cheered Trump the moment he said that "Mexico" (a thing, a concept) sends rapists and drug dealers, are not libertarians, Robert. Those who cheered Trump when he referred to immigrants from Africa as people from 'shithole' countries (a clear insinuation to their suspicious character in a classic display of a genetic fallacy) are not libertarians. Those who cheered his attacks on free trade and his economic nationalism cannot call themselves libertarian.

    Those who cheer today the restrictionist and protectionist policies of this administration are not libertarians at all. Trust me, I cheer the president's policy of reducing regulation, perhaps the single most effective economic recovery policy the administration could come up with, even without the puny tax cuts. But I am certainly no cheerleader for his ill-advised protectionist policies or his restrictionist immigration policies, which can, and will, erase the strides made towards more economic and personal freedom.

    A president who regards immigrants --people who risk a great deal, including their lives, to come here and offer their labor in trade-- as an "infestation", is not a person who is friendly to people's personal freedom, save his own. I would be remiss as a libertarian if I ever considered his views or policies as acceptable.

    1. @Francisco

      Great post. Those who believe that the application of state force today will make us freer tomorrow lack the understanding that freedom is not only an end, but also the most critical of means.

    2. Please explain how infinity immigration of people who will vote for larger, more expansive government is going to make us more free.

    3. It seems to me that a fair number of the more prolific commenters on TL are not Rothbardians, and not even minarchists, but are some form of nationalist conservative statists, who believe that the state is like an a la carte menu, where you just pick which aspects you want and you don't have to consume the rest. Not only is that philosophy morally questionable -- since it implies that some initiation of force is acceptable -- but it also defies logic, since the state can find lots of special interest groups like these guys and put together a mosaic of support and, hey presto, you have a multi-headed Hydra!

      Either you believe that the initiation of force is wrong, in which case you should advocate against every aspect of the state, or you don't, in which case you can't complain when that force is used against you.

    4. Re: Paul Hansen,
      --- Please explain how infinity immigration ---

      I read about 'infinity immigration' somewhere inba comic book, which is straight were you're coming from.

      First, there's no such thing, so quit the hyperbole. Second, The Market already regulates the number of immigrants that come to the US. Immigrants are invited in by people willing to hire them, rent to them, sell to them buy from them and even marry them.

      Voting rights is something the government grants to citizens. If your problem is with that, then address what the government does, not what immigrants do. Most don't come to the US to participate in elections but to work and live.

  2. Two 2 16 year old American girls killed by MS-13 members who entered illegally. While the audience stands to show respect to their parents' loss, the Democrat politicians remain seated. Source:

    1. Re: PH,

      --- Two 2 16 year old American girls killed by MS-13 members... ---

      You're so cute when you throw those red herrings around. If the government was REALLY SERIOUS about stopping the MS13 gang, the government would put their resources on them ibstead of going against peaceful individuals at their place of employment. Almost all victims of MS13 are other immigrants who will be less than inclined to cooperate with authorities when noticing the downright hostility that this administration shows towards them. Adter all, all those immigrants "infest" this country, Trump tweeted.