Sunday, June 24, 2018

“Papa, When are you going to take me out of here?"

The Washington Post reports:
 Arnovis Guidos Portillo remembers the authorities in green uniforms telling him that this would only be temporary.

They told him that his 6-year-old daughter, Meybelin, should really go with them, he recalled. The holding cell was cold, he said he was told, and the child was not sleeping well. Don’t worry, he was assured, she would take the first bus, and he would follow soon.

“What’s best is we take her to another place,” he recalled a U.S. official telling him.

It’s a conversation this 26-year-old farmer from El Salvador has replayed for nearly a month. His daughter was taken from him on his second day in U.S. immigration custody in Texas, he and his lawyers said, and she remains somewhere in the United States. 
Guidos was deported Thursday back to this small Central American nation, where he lives in a one-room, dirt-floor shack with no electricity and two goats in the yard.
If you support this stuff, I don't consider you a libertarian.

If you think you can be in favor of the non-aggression principle and support the taking of parents from their children, wow.

How can you justify this with Obama whataboutism?

Who said Obama was any good? But this is about the here and now.



  1. It's going to be hilarious when the same people who round up immigrants loop back to grab all the guns, surprising libertarians.

    1. They would rely on the same justification: "It's 'our' country, and we get to say who does what in 'our' country. If you don't want to obey the gun-control laws, then leave."

    2. Not as hilarious as watching the lolbertarians get slaughtered because they can't work together to fight off a common enemy because doing so would be 'collectivism'.

    3. I live in California and have been surrounded by Latinos my whole life. I am not afraid of these people. I've never had a problem with any of them. They're more American than most of the homegrown boot-licking whipped pup white boys I meet.

  2. The supporters of this, like Lab Manager, aren’t Libertarian, of course. Far from Anarchist, people like LM aren’t even minarchist. Heck, people like Lab Manager aren’t even unknowing duped statist. People who support this crap are State loving evil scum. There’s nothing even traditional classical liberal American about them. They are just State cheering scum. Enemies of Liberty. The ones the State can’t survive without. The ones Etienne de la Boetie was talking about as the eyes, ears and hands of the State.
    True believers. Those who worship their god, State. They pray to the State, (pledge of allegiance) they sing worship songs to the State (National anthems) and they partake in the communion sacraments of the State, (voting).
    Keep worshipping your god, no man can serve 2 masters.
    These people have chose theirs.

    1. I consider you trash as well Joshua. Another oblivious virtue signaling idiot. There is a reason why those countries south of the border suck. I'm happy they are being rounded up, kept in air conditioned cages, and hopefully deported within a few weeks. I'm sorry their countries suck, but these people would add not value to America. Kind of like you Joshua. I guess magic dirt has worked well in Sweden, France, and other countries. Funny it is never mentioned about how mass immigration has been destructive.

    2. Well said. They are collaborators with the the French scumbags who collaborated with the occupying Germans during WWII...currying favor with the political class, to advance their careers and aggrandize their own power, finances, or standing.

    3. Those countries suck because of a lack of Liberty, i.e. too much State power. So how does aping their system help our country flourish, become wealthier, or otherwise distinguish us from them? You National-glory Statists are stinking-up this great blog...I wish you'd leave and stop your sport of trolling...

  3. >>> If you support this stuff, I don't consider you a libertarian.

    On no!! I will tolerate the hordes until this place is as shitty as Honduras, just please please don't deny my ideological purity!

  4. What “value” have you brought to America, Lab Manager? That seems to be a qualifying start to you for someone to be here. So what value are you to America?
    Muh pure murican blood?