Sunday, June 10, 2018

New York City Bans Styrofoam

Bill de Blasio 
The micro-managing, economically-clueless,  freedom-haters just love to annoy.

They don't understand the nature of private property, live and let live, and have no understanding of basic economics (especially when it comes to waste).

So it comes as no surprise that the micro-manager on steroids Bill de Blasio cheers the NYC styrofoam ban.


  1. I'm sure all those turd world illegals would be on board and work to comply just like they do back home with those pristine streets and urban areas.

  2. I naturally will cheer anyone who does not comply with this stupid ban. As well as all State bans.
    NYC needs a lot of people to become “illegals”, and flip the the bird to the State.

  3. What's with Comrade de Blasio's exclamation points in his Tweet? Who else is excited about this, other than those who compete with styrofoam?