Thursday, June 28, 2018

Neighbor Who Attacked Rand Paul Is Suing Rand!!

Rand Paul attacker Rene Boucher.
The man who attacked Republican Sen. Rand Paul in November is countersuing the Kentucky senator for “unsightly” debris, WBKO is reporting.

Rene Boucher’s lawyer, Matt Baker, filed the countersuit in Warren Circuit Court in Kentucky on Wednesday, along with a motion to dismiss Paul’s lawsuit.

The countersuit is seeking “all compensatory and punitive damages permitted by law,” citing how Paul allegedly violated Rivergreen Homeowners Association bylaws by piling debris and other waste near Boucher’s property.

Paul allegedly ”historically caused to be deposited and accumulated on his property various piles, heaps and mounds of trash, debris, waste, dead trees, stumps and refuse of all types and configurations,” according to the countersuit.

The suit named at least three instances where Paul had piled debris near Boucher’s property, including the Nov. 3 incident that led to Boucher attacking the senator and breaking six of his ribs.

Baker also filed a motion to dismiss Paul’s request for an injunction, which would bar Boucher from having contact with the Pauls. Baker’s reasoning is that the attack was an “isolated” incident and that Boucher had already been barred from contacting Paul by the federal judge presiding over Boucher’s criminal case.


(via The Daily Caller)


  1. What a joke! I've never heard of a tort action based on unsightly adjacent property! It's not even a trespass. There don't appear to be any damages (other than the memory of unsightliness!). If Rand Paul violated a local ordinance with respect to how to store wood or brush on one's property, that would be for the city to issue some sort of citation, but there is no action available to this counter-plaintiff. This guy is a clown and a nut.

    1. The tort is private nuisance. Assuming this constitutes a private nuisance, the neighbor likely has nominal damages of $1 and can obtain an injunction prohibiting Paul from doing it in the future and compelling him to move the debris pile if its still there.

    2. I know. My addendum to my comment, 2 minutes later, mentioned nuisance. Thanks.

  2. I can envision a tort of Nuisance, but the remedy would not include punitive damages...and would probably entail just removing the offending eyesore.

  3. "How dare Paul attack my fist with his ribs."

  4. This guy sounds like an obsessed nut job and could be the next Jarrod Ramos.