Friday, June 22, 2018

More Coffee for ICE Agents!

Three bungling ICE agents let a routine deportation turn into Three Stooges-style farce when they allowed an un-handcuffed detainee give them the slip during a layover at JFK in March — while they were off getting coffee, reports The New York Post.

The ICE agents admitted that they agreed to let Senegalese felon Mohamadou Lamine Mbacke wander 20 yards away to chat with a “cousin” — and then two of them headed off to grab a cup of Joe.

“He said he saw someone he
knew — his cousin,” said US Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officer Scott Hall, who testified in Brooklyn federal court alongside fellow Detroit-based officers Joseph Comaj and Ahmed Lassiter.

“We started walking away, and I noticed the subject wasn’t there anymore. And I said, ‘Hey, where is he?’”

According to NyPo, the 31-year-old was, in fact, sprinting through the halls of the international airport before jumping into a cab — while the nitwit feds were still searching the terminal and asking workers to page him.

“We took an immediate quick look around and I said, ‘He’s gone, get your stuff,” said Hall.

“We did a broader search of the area, and couldn’t find him. I went back to the gate area, and had him paged.”

Meanwhile, despite having no cash, ID or phone, Mbacke had managed to get a cabbie to drive him to a friend’s place in Harlem. He then trekked to Chicago, via a Chinatown bus, where he was arrested three days later.



  1. I can see a big role for Dunkin' Donuts: set up at all state-controlled border crossings, and offer free coffee & donuts -- but no delivery option -- for our heroes in [what color do these goons wear?].

  2. Incompetence is our only hope.