Tuesday, June 26, 2018

ICE Agent Attacks Immigration Lawyer and Breaks Her Foot

A Trump stormtrooper in action.

Betsy Woodruff reports:
An immigration attorney said an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer broke her foot and locked her in a room early Tuesday morning in Kansas City, Missouri.

Andrea Martinez told The Daily Beast she was dropping off a 3-year-old immigrant at an ICE facility to be reunited with his mother before they are to be deported to Honduras. Martinez said she was accompanying the boy, his pregnant mother, and his father into an ICE field office but Martinez was denied access. That’s when Martinez said she was “knocked to the ground and bloodied” by an ICE officer.

Martinez said the ICE officer detained her and locked her in an office before calling the
Federal Protective Service and “continually looked at my phone to make sure I wasn’t
recording him.”

Martinez told The Daily Beast she suffered a fracture to her right foot.

1 comment:

  1. That's horrible, she should sue him for assault & press charges, but the judge would likely give him immunity.
    As an aside, Kansas City (both in MO & KS) is the worst "shithole" city you could ever imagine.

    Seriously its like something out of a Will Smith movie, yikes.