Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hell Hath No Fury: Alex Jones Newsweek Edition

Alex Jones after spotting Bernie Sanders at LAX, tried to interview the socialist creep (SEE: Bernie Sanders Runs From Alex Jones At LAX ). So what does Newsweek report?

This as an update:
United States Senator Bernie Sanders was the target of an ambush interview from InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Monday at Los Angeles International Airport.

Update | Jones' ex-wife, Kelly (Rebecca Nichols) Jones, told Newsweek that her son was involved in the scene of harassment at Los Angeles International Airport "at the encouragement of his father, Alex Jones." Kelly added that her son is being led around on a "bullying" tour of sorts after a judge ruled to allow more time with his father.

"Very disturbing to see my son doing this.. plus they are calling out Bernie Sanders out on his elite lifestyle, which is hypocritical. So my son is being encouraged to be a bullying hypocrite. It isn't his fault, he is a minor, but it is awful," she tweeted Tuesday. Kelly Jones added that Alex frequently flies first class and "lives like a king."


  1. Kelly Jones: Don't blame me if I'm confused and mistaken about how to use the word "hypocrite" in a sentence. I'm a victim of public education. I was taught to think politically, not logically and truthfully.

  2. Your son is going to hate you even more if you keep talking shit about his dad publicly.

  3. Kelly Jones is basically the banner of a worthless, jilted, selfish, neglectful pig of a woman. Alex was smart for ditching her for a younger, better chick.

  4. Interesting that a huge number of Youtube accounts have been taken down for publishing conspiracy theories, but Alex Jones' account just keeps pushing out the videos unrestrained.

    Interesting how that works.

    Alex is a shill. Strawman.