Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hanging in the Detention Center That Houses 1,500 Boys

A United States Customs and Border Protection processing facility in Brownsville in 2014 (via NYT)
The New York Times reports:
The shelter, called Casa Padre, is a world all its own, much of it invisible to outsiders. The few windows are covered in black mesh; in the parking lot, yellow-painted wooden barricades read, “Keep Out.”

Inside, it is clean, massive and brightly lit. Not far from the entrance, there is a large mural of President Trump, an American flag and the White House, with a quote from Mr. Trump: “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”...

The mural featuring the president is one of many; one painting depicts former President John F. Kennedy with his words, “Ask not what your country can do for you,” in English and in Spanish.
Sick. Maybe it is not about country, but for the 16 and 17-year-olds just a place to get a job from a business in a region that wants to hire.



  1. I always hated that Kennedy quote. A country is just a scheme of political organization. If it’s not doing something that benefits you, then what’s the point of preserving it?

  2. They didn’t even put up the rest of the JFK quote?

  3. What about the 16 and 17 year olds who are already here that need those jobs?

    1. RW and the rest here say 'screw 'em'. They don't care a rats about Americans first. They want all the turd world trash to stay so they can virtue signal and 'smash the state man' because we know these are natural libertardians who respect ideas like NAP and private property.

    2. There's no meaningful difference between a stranger who was born on one side of an imaginary line versus a stranger who was born on the other side of an imaginary line.

    3. @Evan Smiley
      Ah, I see your error. You are like a Keynsian when it comes to people. You think people are lumps just like capital.

      No, someone born on one side of a line can be different, either from birth or from enculturation. Or else your theory is that America has "magic dirt"?

      For instance, if every inhabitant of the US was magically swapped with someone from, say, Haiti or Serbia, do you think that the US would remain exactly the same?

      If not, why not?

      If so, you are a liar.

    4. If a 16 or 17 year old who speaks the language natively can't get a job over an immigrant, they're pathetically lazy and inept. I wouldn't hire one for the life of me.

      It seems LM and other closed-border loving communists are just fixated on keeping immigrants out because they best his ilk both intellectually and morally.

    5. @Newton

      I never said individuals aren't different. I said that location of birth is an irrelevant distinction among individuals.

  4. It's inspiring to see that the company that churned out large, framed, ready-for-hanging photos of Stalin and Brezhnev back in the day, was adaptable enough to re-tool and change-over to cranking out like photos of the American Il Duce, Donald Trump.
    Viva la Creative Destruction.