Thursday, June 7, 2018

Free Pablo Villavicencio!

Here's the latest on the hardworking, God-fearing, Catholic, family man, Pablo Villavicencio, who faces imminent deportation after he was arrested last week by ICE agents, while attempting to deliver pizza to a Brooklyn's  Fort Hamilton Army Base.

A guard at the base started grilling the deliveryman before calling the NYPD and then ICE, reports the New York Daily News.

An NYDN visit to Villavicencio in jail reveals that according to him he was locked up for 72 hours without so much as a glimpse of sunlight.

“This is torture,” he said. “They have treated me like a criminal . . . Now I don’t even have a right to face a judge, to defend myself.”

Villavicencio had filed for a green card and permanent U.S. residency in February based on his marriage to American citizen Sandra Chica.

“In one day, your life changes,” said his wife, 38. “It’s cruel that they separated my daughters from him. He was supporting the family. Now I’m going to be alone with these two babies.”

“My only crime is to work and be a family man, a father to my daughters,” the weepy dad said Wednesday via phone from a New Jersey detention center. “They don’t want to give me a chance.”
Protesters gathered outside the main gate of the base Wednesday evening called for his release.

“You’re tearing families apart for what?” asked City Councilman Justin Brannan (D-Bay Ridge), who has brought media attention to the Villavicencio situation.

 He could be out of the country before Luciana turns 4 on June 20.


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  1. With open borders, 150 million adults would migrate to the US.

    1. Also in the news: man advocating violence against peaceful people has some story about how scared he is... film at 11.

      You just sound like a cop saying "I feared for my life."

    2. Re: PH,

      --- With open borders, 150 million adults would migrate to the US. ---

      In another poll: unintelligent nincompoops believe what polls tell them.

    3. Actually I believe the number cited by PH is probably accurate, or even conservative. But that only highlights the enormous harm being done by the US state as it thwarts the plans of millions of individuals.

    4. Denial and personal insults.

    5. Hey Torres, or he who fantasizes about blacks and mestizos, why are you such a fool yourself?

      I have to admit, this immigrant is doing more than our native 'duh verse' population. So I'll give him credit there.

    6. Can’t believe a Gallup poll survey is treated like it’s a statistical fact after the last election but then again racists are so easily triggered during the Trump administration that these snowflakes can’t even handle a pizza delivery in Brooklyn without getting super butt hurt that a white guy didn’t do the delivery.

    7. All that cheap labor being imported---sounds like a boon to hundreds of thousands of businesses' bottom lines, and to the economy in general! Barriers to cheap labor, cheap parts, cheap products, cheap raw materials----it's all tariffs and protectionism, if you ask me.

    8. Re: Evan Smiley,

      --- Actually I believe the number cited by PH is probably accurate, or even conservative. ---

      I made no negative comment regarding the **accuracy** of that poll. I'm pointing out to the fact that paranoid and schizophrenic Trumpistas believe the poll is telling them that they're risking an invasion, case in point: the way PH concludes that 150 million people would storm the ramparts upon the knowledge the border is open (and only because people told a pollster it wiuld be something they would like to do). It takes real guts to shamelessly showcase that level of mental instability in public.

  2. These libertarian idealists who advocate open borders, I wonder aside from their theorizing, have they ever actually been to any other country on earth?

    Every. Single. Nation. On earth, makes you show your papers. some, including Mexico, require you keep your stamped permission with you and return them on your exit.

    China makes you register where you'll he staying.

    Turkey requires an electronic tourist visa in addition to your paper passport.

    Those are just a few real life examples.

    Every country has border guards and protocol to follow. Yet many people seem to live in a fantasy idealized world where none of this exists.

    I got news for you. Borders exist everywhere, not just in "Trump's fascist amurika," and they always have, and always will.

    Borders have nothing to do with Trump. They've existed long before & will continue long after him.

    The idiocy & naivete I see posted about this topic never ceases to astound me.

    1. Naturalistic fallacy.

      All governments tax, so should libertarians also support taxation?

    2. So, more nails in the coffin of American Exceptionalism is a good thing?

    3. Re: LibertyFlight,

      --- Every country has border guards and protocol to follow. ---

      And nothing says "America First!" like doing what everyone else does.

  3. If one embraces a philosophy predicated upon Natural Rights theory, as the majority of Libertarians espouse, then the freedom to move about unhindered by The State would be of critical import. Personally, I find no objection to the actions of any peaceable individuals that don't violate other's rights. I believe most agree, once we realize that the objections aren't really immigrants crossing over into US borders, but drawing benefits from The State's multitude of welfare programs, funded unwittingly by most "taxpayers," all of which are bankrupt.

    1. Government welfare is bad. I don’t think anyone here will argue against you on that point. It’s bad regardless of who receives it, and it’s bad independent of any immigration policy.

      That’s one reason why it’s odd that so many seem to want to link the issues of immigration and welfare, as if the important thing is the birthplace of the recipient, which seems at best irrelevant.

      In fact, if we’re strictly talking desert, I would say that a guy who was born dirt poor in Haiti and came over here on a boat is a hell of a lot more deserving of welfare that a guy who was born in the US, received a taxpayer funded K-12 (or more) education, and still find himself poor.

  4. Maybe we could swap guys like this (incoming) for Urban Primitives (outgoing). Oh, wait, Lincoln had that idea. Hey, maybe we could sell it with a "Father Abraham" angle...

  5. ─ “You’re tearing families apart for what?” ─

    Simple: To keep Trump's paranoid and bigoted supporters happy. Or because "them immigrunt takes um er jeb!" or because how would you like your daughter to marry one, or something.

  6. For every one Villavicencio family there are ten families living on the generosity of the taxpayers.

    1. Re: Robert What?

      That's mathematically impossible.

      Learn arithmatic, for a change.

  7. "This is Jets territory! Nobody comes into Jets territory (especially not no Sharks!) without first getting permission from the boss, Riff! And everybody here pays for protection whether they need it or not, see?"

  8. Yes, breaking up his family is cruel. We should deport his wife and kids too.