Friday, June 1, 2018

Eric Holder is Running for President

Eric Holder, President Obama's attorney general, was signing eggs in New Hampshire today.

Nobody signs eggs in New Hampshire (or anywhere else) unless you are the Easter Bunny or running for president.

Holder is not the Easter Bunny.



 Holder was asked after this event if he could beat Trump: "Two guys from Queens. That would be interesting. That would be interesting. New Yorkers know how to talk to other New Yorkers." He added that he wouldn't run if he didn't think he could win. (via Dan Merica)


Holder on running for President: "I like challenges. ... I am a person who is known as a guy who speaks his mind and I wonder how that would resonate. I am not a career politician. Never run for elected office although I have held high positions." (via Dan Merica)


  1. Gore Vidal’s United States of Amnesia has already forgot about Operation Fast and Furious and doesn’t even know about Holder’s involvement in the PROMISE Program that enabled Nikolas Cruz to purchase firearms. That is a minimum of 18 deaths that Holder has his bloody hands in.

    1. Let's not forget this one:
      Holder was involved with this murder victim who was chased down and executed publicly after trying to get onto the grounds of the big Section 8 house on Penn. ave.

      Talk about amnesia, that killing was swept under the rug after a lame attempt to claim that the victim "tried to ram her way into the White House".

      She had her child in the car with her.

  2. If Holder has even the whisper of a chance we are in deeper trouble than I thought.

    1. No way. Remember, if the population is taxed into oblivion and starved to death, it converts people into libertarians. Well, at least the survivors that is. Democrats in 2020!

  3. If he beats Trump, it will be a boon for libertarianism because...reasons.