Friday, June 1, 2018

Ecuador's President Says Julian Assange Can Stay in Embassy 'With Conditions'

Julian Assange’
Lenín Moreno, the president of Ecuador, says Julian Assange’s asylum status in the country’s London embassy is not under threat – provided he complies with the conditions of his stay and avoids voicing his political opinions on Twitter, reports The Guardian.

However, in an interview with Deutsche Welle on Wednesday, Moreno said his government would “take a decision” if Assange didn’t comply with the restrictions.

“Let’s not forget the conditions of his asylum prevent him from speaking about politics or intervening in the politics of other countries. That’s why we cut his communication,” he said. Ecuador suspended Assange’s communication’s system in March.

In an interview in Quito, the president said granting Assange Ecuadorian citizenship in December last year had not been his idea but that of the foreign minister, María Fernanda Espinosa. He had delegated all decisions related to the case to her, Moreno told Deutsche Welle.

“I told the foreign minister she should, with complete freedom, choose how to solve the problem. And she chose that system. It wasn’t the most suitable, but I respected it,” he said. -RW  


  1. So he's trapped (potentially for life) inside a single building, and is not allowed to externally communicate his political opinions. How would his life be different if the US national-security state captured, convicted, and imprisoned him (although, these days, it might skip the second step)?

  2. Assange should have went to Russia with Snowden. Leftists will never stand strong when their backs are against the wall.