Friday, June 29, 2018

Democratic Socialists of America Membership Surges After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory

The day after the self-described democratic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, unseated a long-serving New York City Democratic machine congressman on Tuesday, Democratic Socialists of America experienced a membership surge 35 times larger than normal, reports the Daily Beast.

According to Lawrence Dreyfuss, a program associate for DSA, the organization saw a surge of 1,152 new memberships on Wednesday—about 35 times more sign-ups than on an average day.

The last major membership bump DSA experienced was in the month following President Trump’s election, during which time they had about six times more sign-ups than in the previous month.

No surprise here on my part, and this is only the beginning. As I have already said,
 She is going to go places and she is going to be a role model for many high school and college students.
She is far more socialist in her views than Bernie Sanders. And Bernie never mentioned DSA. Ocasio-Cortez will.

The numbers are still small but these are the politically active and aware that are joining the DSA, sort-of, junior second-hand dealers. But the word will spread.

The New York Times, finally covering her, hints at where her early dangerous influence is:
Before Tuesday’s victory catapulted her to the front of the political conversation, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez seemed to find readier audiences with outlets such as Elite Daily, Mic or Refinery29 — websites most often associated with millennial and female audiences...

An aggressive effort must be made to point out the errors in her socialist thinking: #CommitteeToFlipAlexandriaOcasioCortez.



  1. I figured you open border libertardians would be supporting her. She wants to let all the dirt world trash into the country. So I'm guessing she with the help of 'duh-verse' voting pattern?

    1. We’re counting cards

      Five minutes to Wapner

  2. "An aggressive effort must be made to point out the errors in her socialist thinking"

    Haha! Too late!

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (hyphenated mystery meat who prefers the genderfluid ethnic identifier “latinx”) advocates

    elimination of border control
    free healthcare (read: paid for by Whites)
    free college (read: paid for by Whites)
    universal jobs guarantee (read: paid for by Whites)
    justice system reform (read: allowing browns and blacks to freely prey on Whites)
    housing as a human right (read: Section 8 coming to a bucolic White suburb near you!)

    1. “paid for by Whites”

      But not by you, since you’re unemployable.

    2. Does “paid for by whites” include all the unemployed white people in West Virginia on welfare and Medicaid?

    3. FU Evan. You are another anti white POS. Let us hope you are raped and killed buy some of this duh-versity.

    4. Now now, Lab Manager. It’s not fair to depend on immigrants to do EVERYTHING for us.

  3. Robert Wenzel:

    If your thesis is that Trump's success will push those who are afraid of populist nationalism to embrace socialism as the alternative, why wouldn't AOC's success (if grander than just winning a local primary) push those who are afraid of socialism to embrace something far from it as the alternative?

  4. The Socialists will have a real conundrum going forward. They hate the White middle classes, but they are the most productive group in the country. Problem: how do you confiscate as much as possible from them without demotivating them so much that they stop working and producing? If the WMC stop producing, there goes your glorious welfare state.