Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Congressman Denied Access to Immigrant Children's Holding Center: "They obviously are hiding something.”

Sen. Bill Nelson
Sen. Bill Nelson traveled to Homestead, Florida, today to tour a temporary shelter for unaccompanied children. But he tells reporters that he was not allowed inside.

“They obviously are hiding something,” Nelson said. “They are using the excuse — get this — '‘You have to apply two weeks in advance.’”

Nelson, a Democrat, said it was "not a good reflection on the trump administration."

“They are embarrassed and don't want us to check on the comfort and welfare of these children. This is absolutely ridiculous,” Nelson said. “I am ashamed of this administration that they are doing this."

He told reporters he is traveling back to Washington and plans to be on the Senate floor tonight.

(via CNN)


  1. Q: What do you get when you feed, shelter and clothe one million refugee children?
    A:Ten million starving, homeless and naked refugee children on your doorstep.

    1. You’re lucky the Native Americans didn’t treat your ancestors like this when they immigrated to this country.

    2. @ (((The Liberty Economist)))

      That's because my ancestors conquered the indigenous people, without apologies. The reverse is now happening unfortunately. But I'm sure once the country turns sufficiently brown, you'll head to Israel to be with your own people.

  2. Damn he is fugly! Anyway, I think the illegals are being treated pretty damn well. We should be proud as a country that they are being fed, clothed, provided with medical care, and potable water while in an air conditioned building. Thank you Donald Trump for enforcing immigration law. I look forward to their deportation. Now if we could kick out the open border libertardians and take the ghetto blacks and other trash with them, the GDP of America would increase instantly.