Thursday, June 21, 2018

BREAKING Lawsuit Claims Detained Migrant Children Have Been Forcibly Injected With Powerful Psychiatric Drugs

Democracy Now reports:
Shocking reports have revealed that immigrant children were subdued and incapacitated with powerful psychiatric drugs at a detention center in South Texas. Legal filings show that children held at Shiloh Treatment Center in southern Houston have been “forcibly injected with medications that make them dizzy, listless, obese and even incapacitated,” according to reports by Reveal. Meanwhile, according to another Reveal investigation, taxpayers have paid more than $1.5 billion over the past four years to companies operating immigration youth facilities despite facing accusations of rampant sexual and physical abuse.

Why should this be a surprise when you would only have statist bastards willing to pull kids from parents?


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  1. RW, maybe you should have the doc check your meds.

    1. This sounds like something he found by way of the nutbar called "Alex Jones"

  2. Alex Jones covered this sort of treatment of children in government care being standard, what? A decade ago? I think GWB was still in office. But now because Trump people care? If Trump sitting in oval office will finally get people angry enough about government evils to not dismiss things as crazy conspiracy theories maybe he's actually more effective at getting people to hate the state than you gave him credit for.

  3. Maybe Trump was trying to turn them into future Republican voters.

  4. Well now that they are in the USA these immigrants need to be treated like the rest of the children here, subjected to bureaucracies, ignorance and corruption that see it fit to drug children so that they conform to the establishment. This is mostly a reference to public schools.

  5. Yes, it was a shame what the Obama admin did to these kids. Hopefully Trump changes that Obama-era policy:

    However, and a bit off the topic of psychiatric drugs, these third-world children and their parents (where available) absolutely should be forced inoculations to avoid spreading any potentially communicable diseases. Thanks taxpayers!

    1. Forcedninnoccumation is object rape.

    2. Didn't people vote for Trump because he is the anti-Obama? So why are you celebrating the fact that he's just as awful as Obama? Unless you're now sayong Obama was right.

    3. As Hayek explained, you cannot measure the road not taken (Hillary, for example). Trump's horrible nature presents the possibility of almost unlimited anti-state lessons that might be taught.

      Did or do Democrats care about the Iraqi children?

      Do they care about the Syrian children made orphans by Obama's aiding of Al Qaeda in Syria?

      What will happen to the children of everyone jailed for their failure to turn in their guns?

      In fact, "Progressives" propose some draconian law about every 20 minutes aimed at non-criminals. Where do their children go when those criminal non-criminals are in jail?

    4. I voted for Trump and I'm more pleased now than when I voted for him. I know you guys are all for wide open borders, but you can have either:
      - a high trust, liberal (small L) society, or
      - open borders
      You can't have both. Libertarians are totally delusional if they think they can.

    5. I'm not celebrating. These dirty deeds were done under the Obama administration. In fairness, this was the result of a government contractor gone bad, not the policy of either administration.

      Don't worry. Trump will change it and stop the human traffickers.

    6. Re: Bob Roddis,

      --- In fact, "Progressives" propose some draconian law about every 20 minutes aimed at non-criminals. ---

      Which should tell you that Trump and his merry band of fascists are Progressives.

    7. Re: Robert What?

      --- I know you guys are all for wide open borders, but you can have either: a high trust, liberal (small L) society, or
      - open borders ---

      You are repeating the same ridiculous dales dichotomy. A liberal society NEEDS borders open to trade, to the free flow of goods, of services, of capital and, yes, of labor, otherwise that society grows POORER.

      You're ignoring comparative advantage, division of labor and specialization to shoehorn a society into an insular organism that is self-sufficient in order to paint "open borders" as a threat. That's YOUR ignorance speaking, or your mendacity.

    8. Re: Stuffed Pimento,

      --- These dirty deeds were done under the Obama administration ---

      Then the fact that Trump is doing the same things should be enough to condemn both, right?

    9. @Robert What?

      No, you can either have:
      - the state
      - freedom
      You can’t have both. Minarchists are totally delusional if they think they can bring freedom by rejecting it.

    10. I've called Trump the leader of the Archie Bunker Democrats, socially conservative "progressives". The official Democrats are the Meathead Democrats. They both believe in the magical powers of the U.S. government, just different magical powers.

    11. @Francisco

      EXACTLY! Let’s review:

      2016: “I’m gonna drain the swamp!”
      2018: “Bbbbut Obama...”

  6. Maybe it's just me, but the phrase "Poster Child" just screams out of this issue.