Thursday, June 28, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to be President, Mother Says

Drudge headline:

“Her aspiration is to be the president,” Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, 55, told the New York Post at the candidate’s childhood home in the Bronx.

“She has been thinking about politics since she was a teenager. She would read historical and political books old and new. She would engage in political discussions passionately.”

Look, I tell you this gal as a socialist is very dangerous and she is going to inspire many youth.

It is a long shot but the #CommitteeToFlipAlexandriaOcasioCortez will march on, we may not be able to flip her but some youth may become aware that there is a sound alternative to socialism.



  1. Rather than trying to "flip" her, you should be deliberating over why the libertarian movement has failed to produce its own charismatic young candidates who can appeal to diverse audiences and win elections.

    1. Because the system will have non of it. If a miracle occurs and one ever was elected to the white house they are instantly in line for Martyrdom!

      No Libertarian cares enough to put life on the line, Its no in their nature.

    2. No offense to this girl, but it’s not as if she’s some kind of political mastermind. Promising free stuff is an easy sell. Promising to get out of someone’s way and let them run their own life is not as sexy. There’s no secret sauce to discover here. We just have to keep pounding away.

    3. Another reason is that a lot, if not most, libertarians despise politics and politicians. Why would you want to be one of those? There are many many more valuable things to do with both your time and for society, for example, open a taco stand or make a peanut butter sandwich...

    4. Why would a libertarian want political power? To dismantle it. No other reason. What do voters want? Stuff at the expense of others. What does that require? Political power.

      There's the problem. People are "charismatic" by promising people things. Charisma plays on a person's own desires. Unless things get very bad there will never be a "charismatic" person promising people a life of keeping what they earn because for every one person that appeals to there are no less than four people who think they benefit more from the stuff political power can send their way. And that's only if things are pretty bad. It's probably more like a few hundred.

      Now when the theft by the top of the pyramid gets bad enough and the flow of crumbs to the masses slows to a tiny trickle then a libertarian could become charismatic.

  2. Because we are the fuddiest of duddies.

  3. Import the 3rd world; get the 3rd world.

  4. I appreciate the coverage of this politician, but I do think RW has a blind spot over this. In the short to medium term, we are unlikely to convert Millennials en masse by careful argument, who have been brainwashed in the schools for 12 years by socialism and social decadence to embrace free enterprise and family traditions.

    Instead, in that same short to medium term, the primary method of political pushback is probably being presently exhibited by Trump. The method is loud-mouth, alt-right and mocking of leftist social doctrine. I would love to see more libertarian minded celebrities or personalities take that model and improve its policy and rhetoric on free enterprise and trade, and be less loving of the police state. And if possible, give it a softer edge so its not so crude like Trump.

    It is true that this latter model can get too tribal and somewhat ugly, but (1) the perfect is the enemy of the good, (2) due to the nature of states, national politics will never have much nuance or be harmless/humane to all peoples, so (3) we should conceive of this political strategy more as a defense against leftist aggression on economics, the regulatory state and social engineering.

    As a counterbalance, libertarians should use all power they have to continue the mission of educating the remnant, including the open-minded millennial. As RW has recognized, you only need to convert the natural leaders and influences, and others will follow. This does mean the beltway libertarians would have to sully themselves and consort with homeschoolers, Christians, flyover communities and other deplorable peoples who would have these more open minds.

    Just my 2 cents on where I think libertarians should consider moving. Reading the tea leaves, this is more or less how Rothbard thought late in his life.

    1. "I appreciate the coverage of this politician, but I do think RW has a blind spot over this. In the short to medium term, we are unlikely to convert Millennials en masse by careful argument..."

      Where did you ever get the idea that I believe it is likely to " convert Millennials en masse by careful argument..." in the short to medium term?

      I don't think it will occur in my lifetime, I just love the battle and have said so many times, including devoting a chapter to it in my Private Property Society book.

    2. I think your idea is perfect for getting people on the right away from Trump, but we also need people who look like AOC but know how to quickly and charismatically respond to her bullshit socialist propaganda. Having both of these things be true is difficult when we libertarians don’t want to jump in the political swamp to begin with.

  5. Let's not lose perspective here (from the article):

    "But only about 13 percent of registered Democrats turned out to vote in the 14th Congressional District that takes in parts of Queens and the Bronx, according to a preliminary city Board of Elections tally.

    There are 214,750 active registered Democratic voters in the district. Only 27,744 voted, and Ocasio-Cortez won by more than 4,000 votes."