Saturday, June 9, 2018

Alex Jones: Anthony Bourdain Was Murdered; Elon Musk's Life is in Danger

I have no idea what to make of this, but for the record.


Here is the opposing "he killed himself because of his girlfriend" theory.



  1. The system get rid of Musk? Alex Jones has gone off the deep in. Musk is a huge crony capitalist. Musk is doing the work to build the centralizing technology and promoting it to people.

  2. Wenzel - I like your opinions, but you should call out Alex Jones in a post for his role in promoting the cognitive dissonance I see in the right. Just like Trump hurts the libertarian movement as you said, Alex Jones is doing the same when libertarians associate with him. I never really liked him, but after Trump became elected, he definitely just became a peddler for Trump, which makes him no different than CNN or Fox News from my perspective. His former staffer Kurt Nimmo has also pointed this out. To your credit, you do praise We Are Change, which is a much more legitimate vehicle for news and opinion.

    I lost a childhood friend (who used to be into Ron Paul) because I pointed out how Jones' Trump one year anniversary video was full of misinformation and propaganda. Jones is a dangerous snake oil propagandist and should receive no recognition from any sensible libertarian.