Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Teaching Moment: Don't Ever Make the Mistake Paul Manafort Made

Well, he has made a lot of them but this one is a teaching moment to keep in mind for a time when things get real totalitarian.

 Bill Palmer explains:
 When the news broke yesterday that Robert Mueller had caught Paul Manafort using encrypted communications like WhatsApp to try to tamper with the witnesses against him, I was in the midst of a conversation about a different matter with an expert on internet security. I told him that Manafort’s WhatsApp communications had been seized. He told me that shouldn’t be technologically possible. Then I told him that Manafort had backed up his WhatsApp conversations to the cloud. His response: “What an idiot!”


It just got worse: 

Mueller's Team is Requesting Witnesses Turn in Their Personal Phones

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