Monday, June 25, 2018

59 Years Ago Today

By Murray Sabrin

On June 25, 1959 I became a US citizen. My parents took me to the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan where before a federal judge I raised my right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  After the ceremony we drove back to the Bronx and like other Jewish families at the time when they had an occasion to celebrate, we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant a few blocks from our Harrison Avenue apartment.

For the past 59 years I have been defending the Bill of Rights in talks, essays, and on the campaign trail.  Even as a youngster I realized the first Ten Amendments reflected why my parents came to America: so they and their children can live in a free society with all the protections they did not have in their native Poland, especially after the Nazis invaded in 1939.  

Unfortunately, many of our guaranteed rights under the Constitution have been slowly eroded for the past 59 years. And the assault on our rights has been accelerating.  This is one of the motivating factors that sparked my desire to become a candidate this year for the United States Senate.

With your support today we will show the political elites in Washington DC that a champion of liberty would be coming to the nation's capital and defend every American’s rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights.

To help celebrate my becoming a US citizen I'm asking all my freedom-loving friends in New Jersey and around the country to make a $59 donation (or a multiple of $59… $118, $177… $590… up to the maximum of $2700) to our campaign so we can reach New Jersey voters with a message of Peace, Liberty, Prosperity.  

(Voters across the political spectrum are embracing my 100% tax credit proposal for nonprofits and houses of worship so they can help people the proven American way –voluntarism. Helping people become financially independent must be the next great goal for our country just as political independence was for the American colonists in 1776.)

We will use these funds to expand our reach on both social and conventional media in order to get our uplifting message to more than 5 million New Jersey voters. Your support now will allow us to reach the next phase of the campaign, media attention and "the buzz" that something big is happening this U.S. Senate race.  

Our campaign is picking momentum everyday. We are getting support from prominent individuals across the political spectrum.  Lisa McCormick, who received 30% of the vote in the Democratic primary against incumbent Bob Menendez, said in a press release:  

"While Professor Sabrin has some very different ideas about government and its purpose than my own views, it was very good to know there are people in contention for the office with the integrity and dignity worthy of a representative in the United States Senate. Our political philosophy might be miles apart, but our shared values and respect for people are things we have in common.” 
Matt Riccardi of the Constitution Party wrote in his endorsement of my candidacy: 

“Murray is a champion of Liberty and a man of high integrity and resolve. There is no better candidate to hold to the fire with an expectation to persevere than he. He will not sell out. He will not let up. His pursuit of a government that mirrors that of our Founding is second to none. Most importantly, he is wise enough to know exactly how to accomplish this.

Our strategy of building a grand coalition to work together for common goals, which are synthesized in Peace, Liberty, Prosperity, is on track. But we need to reach every New Jersey voter by this fall. Our volunteer staff is working tirelessly to make that happen.  

There is much work to be done between now and Election Day.  

Please donate today at, and please let your network know that 12 1/2-year-old boy who became a US citizen in 1959 would be the greatest champion of individual rights in the United States Senate beginning in 2019.

Attached is my 1959 photo. If I could sing, I would've been the next Elvis.  I also would have had to practice my hip moves as well. The next best thing, however, is that 59 years after this photo was taken, your support would help create a political earthquake that would reverberate throughout the country… electing the first Libertarian US Senator.  

I am leaving for the national Libertarian party convention on Friday, where we hope to get support from Libertarians around the country for our campaign. It would be a lot easier to get support from the thousand attendees if I can demonstrate we have enormous grassroots support in New Jersey.  

Your support today at be a huge momentum builder going into the next phase of our campaign.

Best wishes for a happy July Fourth.


PS I spoke with one of my former students over the weekend and he made a donation, saying, “Your time has come.”  

PPS One of Florence’s students from more than 40 years ago made a donation even though she disagrees with most of my positions.

PPPS If you agree with some, most or all of platform, today is to express your support with a $59 donation.

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