Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trump Again Urges Criminal Investigation Of Oakland Mayor Schaaf

The heroic Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf

President Donald Trump again urged U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for obstructing justice.

His comments were a reference to her actions on Feb. 24, when she notified the immigrant community of an impending Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid that ultimately led to the mass detention of at least 232 of the agency’s 1,100 intended targets.

I wonder how pro-Trump separationists are going to deal with this Trumpian federalist position.

Schaaf, by the way, is doing impressive things in the city. Much more new construction is now going on in Oakland than in San Francisco, thanks to her getting regulatory roadblocks removed (A new residential building is going up in the city that will be the tallest residential building in the city, 40 floors, and the tallest building, a mixed-use building, us going up just blocks away. In total, more than 20 major building are now under construction in the city). And she is also clearing out homeless encampments and sticking the homeless in much better quarters in tuff sheds.

If there was a Nobel Prize for city mayors, it is difficult to see how she wouldn't be on her way this year to Stockholm. Of course, the Stable Genius wouldn't agree.

  -Robert Wenzel  

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  1. Mayor acts to protect non-violent, hard-working, private citizens from predation at the hands of overreaching federal government. Trump supporters furious.