Friday, May 11, 2018

Syringes are Llittering the Streets of San Francisco

The AP reports:
Syringes discarded in public places have become a nationwide problem amid growing heroin use. But in compact San Francisco (about 50 square miles, or 12,950 square hectares), where there is a growing homeless population, the problem is a lot more visible.

Last year, the city's logged more than 9,500 requests for needle pick-up. This year, there has been more than 3,700 requests already.

Still, the city has no plans to change its policy of handing out unlimited numbers of needles.

But, hey, the SF city attorney has priorities! See: Priorities in the People's Republic of San Francisco -Robert Wenzel  


  1. Don't 'thank' the SF city attorney just yet. Thank the numerous group of eternal busybodies who insist on pursuing a war on people, aka the war on free choices, aka the War On Drugs. You know, the kind of thing that makes Mr. Trump admire a tin pot murderous authoritarian like Philippines president Duterte.

  2. But come on RW, it's just their 'culture' of drug use and leaving dirty needles around and piles of stinking poop everywhere that makes them libertarian. This kind of like all those turd worlders the libertardians would love to import.